We Have a New Mother


Mother of Farzad Kamangar: “My way is the way of my son! Why did I give birth to my son? My son was for this world. I sacrificed my son for humanity.”

Farzad’s mother has also thanked each and every person worldwide who struggled to hinder his execution and now protests against his murder. She asked Farzad’s uncle who lives in Germany to send all this message. So, consider yourself thanked and pass along the message. She has said that thousands of Farzads will take his place, and she has given this best of flowers to Iran and wants us to accept her as our mother. V

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=Og0ae42e_mI]
به عنوان مادر فرزاد از مردم میخواهم راه انسانیت را رها نکنند .من فرزاد را برای جامعه پرورش دادم و او را به جامعه انسانی تقدیم میکنم

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