News Week 36-2011

Prisoner News

  • Ahmed Ghabel transferred to hospital in Mashhad.
  • The student activist Zia Nabavi Karun transferred back to prison in Ahvaz.
  • The student activist Ashkan Zahabian transferred to solitary confinement because of his hunger strike.
B-Arrest / Imprisonment
  • Mostafa Abdi an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Abedini Nasser, arrested in Urmia.
  • Behzad Aghdassi, arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Astaraki Ali, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Meysam Azadi, Azerbaijani activist, arrested in Tehran where he completed his military service.
  • Hassan Azimi, arrested in Urmia.
  • Mehdi Bargoshadi, arrested in Urmia.
  • Omid Behrouzi, lawyer of Gonabadi dervishes arrested.
  • Javad Majid, student, arrested at his home in Orumieh Tohid with his brother.
  • Reza Entessari, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Amir Eslami, lawyer of  Gonabadi dervishes arrested.
  • Faranak Farid, poet and feminist, severely beaten and arrested Saturday in Tabriz.
  • Morteza Foroughi,  arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Gholizadeh Mostafa,  arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Haghi Mohammad, arrested in Urmia.
  • Bahareh Hedayat back in prison after his medical leave.
  • Vali Hossein Nejad,  arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Mehdi Hosseini, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Ali Karami, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Afshin Karampour, lawyer of Gonabadi dervishes arrested.
  • Milad Karimi, Kurdish student activist, detained in Sanandaj.
  • Siamak Karimi,  arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Ali Moazami, an employee of Majzouban Nour  (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Hamid Moradi, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Manafi Nazerlou Hamid, arrested in Urmia.
  • Javad and Nouri Rahman, arrested in Urmia.
  • Ebrahim Nouri, arrested in Ahar.
  • Mehdi Ossanlou, employee Majzouban Nour  (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Kyan Peyghami, arrested in Orumieh.
  • Mehran Rahbari, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Alireza Roshan, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Farhad Saheli,  arrested last week in Maragheh.
  • Fereshteh Shirazi, feminist in Amol arrested at her daughter's home.
  • Nosrat Tabassi, an employee of Majzouban Nour (Gonabadi dervish) arrested
  • Yekanlou Aziz, arrested in Urmia.
  • Five members of Al Qaeda arrested in Kerman.
  • 15 arrests after a football match in Tabriz, the fans shouted slogans for Lake Urmia.
  • Karimdjouni Nader, journalist arrested in December 2008 was released.
  • The journalist Massoud Lavassani released after serving his sentence.
  • Moin Mohammadbeigui released.
D-Other News
  • Vahid Banai, Gonadadi Dervish, shot during a demonstration, died in hospital.
  • Behnam Habiru Ganji, a 22 year old student and friend of detained Human Rights activists Kouhyar Goudarzi committed suicide shortly after his release from prison.
  • Seven months under house arrest, Mousavi and Rahnavard met their three daughters on Wednesday.
  • Alireza Siahi, journalist, poet, writer, has not contacted his family since his arrest 36 days ago in Mashhad.
  • Ramin Yaghoubi, 23, died in a hospital in Lorestan after being beaten by security forces.
  • Ashkan Zahabian ended his hunger strike.
  • 33 political prisoners demanded the release of Mousavi, Karroubi and their wives.

News of injustice in Iran 

  • Farhad Baghebani party member of pan-Iranists in Khuzestan sentenced to one year suspended sentence.
  • Jila Bani Yaghoub, in court for the fifth time since the election.
  • Esmail Mollazehi sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  • 6 hangings at Karun Ahvaz prison Sunday morning.
  • 1 hanged in Qazvin on Monday.
  • 3 gay men hanged Monday.
  • 4 hangings Tuesday in Kerman.
  • 3 hangings Orumieh Thursday.

University – Culture 

  • 90% of classes Allameh Tabatabai University are now segregated.
  • The weekly Shahrvand Emrouz paper was suspended.
  • The daily Rouzegar publication was banned.
  • Film producers must now seek permission from the Ministry of Islamic Guidance before adding music.
  • The director Mojtaba Mirtahmasheb was prohibited from leaving the country.
  • In primary schools, they have increased the time allocated to study of the Koran.

The economy of Iran 

  • 500 cutlery manufacturing workshops closed in Zanjan province because of Chinese competition.
  • Iran to privatize 22 power plants.
  • Over 190 tons of Iranian tea accumulated over 18 years will be destroyed.
  • The ministries of energy and economic accept an increase of 20% on water rates.
  • Ban on imported rice.
  • Iran became the largest importer of Brazilian beef.
  • Mahan Air inaugurated a new route between Tehran / Shanghai.
  • The government needs $110 million for water distribution development.
  • Iran will build 47 new homes and 260,000 new prison is a prison for about 5,000 homes.
  • 14 to 17% difference between the official currency and the free market.
  • The cost of living has increased by 50% in 6 months.


  • Saturday mass demonstrations in Tabriz, Urmia to try to save Lake URmia. In anticipation, the security forces  massed at Ahar and Baharestan place in Tehran. The bazaars closed in solidarity, but Urmia's shops were nevertheless attacked and damaged by the security forces.  There were about 20,000 demonstrators in Tabriz and Orumieh. 62 arrests reported in Tabriz. In Maragheh 9 preemptive detentions were reported. Those arrested were held in mosques, and blindfolded before being transferred. 14 journalists signed an open letter in favor of Lake Urmia.
  • Azeri activists call for protest in Tehran on Friday for Lake Urmia.
  • An explosion was heard Saturday night in Sanandaj, no injuries.
  • The strike by workers of Ahvaz subway in its eighth day.
  • Sixth week of strike action by fabric merchants of the bazaar in Tehran, some goldsmiths joined them ..
  • Call for protest Friday September 9 and Tuesday, September 13 for Lake Urmia during a football game at Azadi Stadium.
  • Strike at the tractor factory in Tabriz for 2 weeks, many arrests, too.
  • Friday, new events in the cities of Azerbaijan, shots heard in Khoi.

Iran abroad 

  • Mashaie and Ahmadinejad visit to Tajikistan.
  • Iran will build another power plant in Tajikistan.
  • Despite the sanctions, EU imports from Iran rose by 9%.
  • Italy is the largest trading partner of Iran within the EU.
  • Iran is the biggest supplier of oil to Spain.
  • Iran continues to export its oil to India.
  • Mashaie goes to Cuba.
  • Iran does a U-turn and seems to soften towards the Syrian opposition.
  • Iran accused of further violations of international sanctions.
  • Demonstration outside the Iranian embassy in Baku for Lake Urmia.
  • The Foreign Minister, Salehi, is visiting Pakistan.

Politics in Iran 

  • Because of problems in Azerbaijan, Larijani cancels alleged trip to China and North Korea.
  • The PKK and the PJAK decide to unite against the IRGC.
  • The IRGC rejects any cease-fire with the PJAK.
  • After a month of respite, the IRGC has resumed its operations against PJAK.
  • No. 2 PJAK Majid Kavian said to have been killed in a bombing raid by Iran on Sunday.
  • PJAK gives authorities the bodies of 12 IRGC, more than 20 dead in clashes since last Friday.
  • The regime claims that IRGC General Abbas Ali Djanessari was killed Sept. 9 by the PJAK
  • 30 Kurdish rebels killed near the Iraqi border.
  • 500 prominent figures in Iran call to save Iranian Lake Urmia.
  • The security forces attacked houses in Ilam.
  • Moussavi said that the Greens should not participate in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
Misc News


  • 49% of the Iranian population is female and 69% is urban.
  • 428 children under 15 years married in Golestan.
  • Explosion and fire at the refinery in Abadan, 4 wounded.
  • Of 220 countries, Iran ranks 202nd for happiness.
  • The deputy mayor of Tehran said that the air is suffocating in his city. He blames the vehicles and their fuels.
  • Friday soccer match at Azadi Stadium: Traktor Tabriz against Esteghlal Tehran; political slogans chanted and a few scuffles broke out.

Translated from the French report by marthegonthier


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