News from Iran – Week 45 2011

Prisoners’ News

  • Mohammad Seif Zadeh, law professor in Evin 350, transferred to hospital.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Foad Ahmadnezhad arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Ali Akhravan, union member, begins serving his 1 ½ years prison in Evin.
  • Khaled and Salah Aminpoor arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Arya Aramnejad, popular singer, arrested during a raid against his home.
  • Saman Aryaman, member of Pan-Iranist party, arrested in Ahvaz.
  • Ali, Mehdi  and Yahyah Dehghan, Gonabadi dervishes, arrested at home in Kavar.
  • Yashin Jamshidi, zoroastrian, arrested in Karaj.
  • Studzent Nader Ehsani begins serving his 2 years prison sentence.
  • Ali, father, Payam and Peyman Ghaderi, his sons, arrested in Marivan.
  • Mohammad Gharib Feizi Marivani, Kurd, arrested on his work place.
  • Ata Ghassemi arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Mohammad Habiba, Secretary of Islamic Union of Students of Tehran U Mech Eng College, arrested on Tuesday..
  • Jila Karamzadeh begins serving her 2 years prison sentence.
  • Hamid Reza Khadem begins serving his 4 years prison sentence in Evine 350.
  • Sirvan Rahmani arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Union activist Ali Razaghi was arrested in Mashhad on 31st Oct.
  • Naser Rezaei arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Shirkoo Saeefi arrested in Saqqez for links with Kurdish Group Pezhak.
  • Leila Seifollahi begins serving her 2 years prison sentence.

C- Liberations

  • Ahmad Reza Ahmadpoor, member of Participation Front released on furlough.
  • Khaled Asadi, Kurdish union activist, freed after serving his 2 years and 8 months sentence.
  • Nadia Asadian, Bahaï arrested on 17th October, freed in Rasht.
  • Sousan Badavam, Bahaï arrested on 17th October, freed in Rasht.
  • Shiva Kashani Nezhad, Bahaï arrested on 17th October, freed in Rasht.
  • Katayoon Sahabi, documentary film maker, freed on bail.
  • Mehran Zinat Bakhsh, documentary film maker, freed on bail.

D-Other News

  • Javid Akrami, Sunni high-school student in Lorestan, no news since his arrest on 27th August.
  • Hamzeh Karami summoned to Evin Court because he revealed the tortures he was subject to.
  • Fatemeh Karroubi under house arrest anew; declares that her husband has no spokesman abroad.
  • Mehdi Karroubi reported to suffer from respiratory condition; location of house arrest changed.
  • Abdollah Momeni summoned to Evin Court because he revealed the tortures he was subject to.
  • Former Mir-Hossein Mousavi office raided by security forces.
  • Dr Shahin Sepenta, member of National Front, summoned to Intelligence Ministry in Isfahan.
  • Mostafa Tajzadeh banned from visits in prison.
  • 13,000 prisoners in Mashhad prisons designed to house 3,000.

News of Injustice in Iran

  • Abolfazl Abedini Nasr sentenced by Appeals to one extra year in prison, i.e. a total of 12 years.
  • Akbar Akbarpoor, Kurdish prisoner, in prison one year, sentenced to 13 years for Moharebeh.
  • Behrooz Alkhani, Kurdish prisoner, in prison since one year, sentenced to death for Moharebeh .
  • Hajar Alipoor, Azeri prisoner Azéri, sentenced to 6 years in prison.
  • One week after his dissappearance, Ebrahim Babaei Zaeedi calls his family from Evin. He was arrested to serve his 6 year sentence.
  • Ali Akbar Javanfekr, editor of Iran and Khatoun, sentenced for views contrary to Islam.
  • Journaliste Mehran Faraji sentenced to 6 months in prison + 6 months suspended.
  • Kurdish journalist Saeed Saedi sentenced to 3 years in prison.
  • 2 hangings in Qom on Friday.

University – Culture

  • Mohammaf Yoossoof Alikhani, student of Azad University of Tehran, banned from education..
  • Bahman Farman Aara, producer and director, banned from leaving the country.
  • Roozbeh Tehrani, previous political prisoner, banned from education.
  • A painting exhibition banned in Tehran because of its subject:  fertility.
  • A public school in Mashhad teaching foreign languages attacked; teachers arrested for bad hijab.
  • Security forces prevent Sunni to celebrate Eid.
  • Sites Absar et Jahad Majazi, close to Ahamadinezhad, off line.
  • Cinéma Haghighat decides to show films of directors who boycotted official festival.
  • 17 schools and high-schools affiliated to Qom seminaries will open in Tehran.

Economy in Iran

  • China wants to invest in Iranian copper mines.
  • Central bank states 19.1% inflation in one year.
  • Oil exports to Pakistan halted.
  • Iranian airways protest Qatari lines performing domestic flights in Iran.
  • 90 billions deficit in Oil ministry budget.
  • Iran 3rd behind Belarus and Venezuela for inflation.


  • Railway workers protest privatisation and their unpaid salaries in front of company headquarter.
  • Workers of Amir Kabir Petrochemical Corp protested last week cuts in overtime pay.
  • Retired workers of a textile factory in Iranshahr protest.

Iran abroad

  • 7 political activists inside Iran and others abroad warn Arab Spring against the traps they fell into after 1979 revolution.
  • A British company linked to William Hague sold a device to track opponents in Iran.
  • Ahmadinezhad meets with Speaker of Indian Parliament to discuss cooperation.
  • France and Russia oppose strikes on Iran.
  • Iran looks for deeper cooperation with Armenia.
  • Dutch government supports French proposal of harsher sanctions against Iran.
  • Ardeshir Amir Arjomand, Moussavi spokesman, writes to Ahmad Shahid, UN Rapporteur
  • Implicated Russian scientist denies helping Iran.
  • World Bank paid $50 millions on a total loan of $135 millions in October for a sewage project in Tehran which is once more delayed.
  • Lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei receives award in Norway.

Politics in Iran

  • In a speech, Ahmadinezhad claims that embezzlement was perpetrated on leader’s office order.
  • 36 political prisoners demand totally transparent legislative elections.
  • More than 120 Iranian intellectuals  warn against a military strike on their country.
  • Leader orders a team to work on revising Constitution.


  • Asbestos in Tehran air 100 times higher than standard.
  • 70,000 acres of forests drying up in Lorestan because of dust storms.
  • Rezaei and Nosrati, footballers of Persepolis, sentenced for being too effusive after a goal.
  • Women not allowed to go skiing without a male guardian.

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