Iran News Summary – 11 Dec 2011

  • Iraq and Iran exchange remains of 93 soldiers killed in 1980s war; Reuters
  • $10 Billion ; Government's debt to the health sector" (fa)
  • Ahmadinejad agreed to allocate $4 billion from National Development Fund for new petrochemical projects
  • Babol Court of Appeals has upheld D sentences of 7 PPL protesting D presidential election results of 2009 – 
  • Ahmad Miri to 12 months, 
  • Alireza Shahiri to 9 months, 
  • Arya Aramnejad to 6 months – 
  • Alireza Falahati, Mohamad Reza Maleki, Mohamad Masomiyan to 6 months in prison each – 
  • Mostafa Ebrahimtabar to 6 months and Ali Akbar Soroush to 4 months in prison
  • Dust storms hit Iran's Khuzestan provinces -Again; schools closed in Ahvaz due 2 high pollution level
  • Embezzlement Case- Indictment issued against Broujerdi, head of Committee 4 Foreign Policy: Mashhad MP
  • enghelabe-eslami – 50% rise in price of mixed nuts for night of Yalda (Winter Solstice)
  • Hand amputation was performed in Shiraz prison on man convicted of multiple counts of theft
  • IR propaganda Film against Nourizad
  • Iran Air refuelling deal at Kent International Airport (Manston) comes to an end;
  • Iran to Help Build Oil Refinery in Namibia, Minister Nujoma Says
  • Iranian Regime Seeks North Korea's Help To Activate Ballistic Missiles
  • Journalist takes Iran in her stride
  • Le bas relief de Bahram II à Nishabour (époque Sasanide), saccagé par des inconnus (BBCpersan) 
  • Leg amputation was performed on a man convicted of armed robbery in Shiraz Adelabad prison
  • Maziar Yazdan Nia, student activist goes to prison to serve his 6 months sentence 
  • Nourizad: Why Does An Interrogator Have To Ask A Young Girl About Her First Sexual Encounter?
  • Payman Aref has been released on bail
  • Shirine Ebadi blasts China & its supports of tyrannies such as Iran. "Iran regime is still there because of China" – "China supports repressive regimes such as Iran to steal their natural resources"
  • The Cold War between Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • The Iranian Green Mehrangiz Kar
  • Trend – Iran finds huge gas field in Caspian Sea
  • Why was arrest warrant for Boroojerdi stopped from the "top"? Babak Dad
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