#Mauritania says #Israel spy ring uncovered @SuperPolisario…


#Mauritania says #Israel spy ring uncovered “@SuperPolisario: موريتانيا تكشف شبكة تجسس اسرائيلية كبيرة شاركت في اغتيال المبحوح وتفجير الطائرة الأثيوبية في لبنان http://snup.us/neq”

This story is likely related to the arrest a few weeks ago of a man working in a timeshare travel company in Nouakchott, believed to have been part of an inquiry into money laundering.

On searching the man’s home, police say they discovered a handwritten letter addressed to the United Arab Emirates embassy, admitting the suspect’s involvement with an espionage network, but pleading for leniency in exchange for information about terrorist attacks – the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai in 2010 and the bombing of an Ethiopian plane in Lebanon – and plans to establish a base in Saudi Arabia.

The Mauritanian official who announced the news yesterday said the prisoner admitted having sent the letter to both the UAE and Saudi embassies, and that he received a response. He also reported that the prisoner was attacked by a prison inmate, assumed to be an attempt to silence him. No further details were revealed but I assume the prisoner survived this alleged attack. We are unlikely to be hearing from the suspect in person.

General Aziz is so fortunate to be able to bring us these dramatic counter-terrorism stories, and without fail to do so on the day before a visiting dignitary arrives. In this case, news released on 4 Jan 2012 precedes the arrival of the Emir of Qatar on 5 Jan. The magnitude of the story seems to be tailored to the relative importance of the visitor. What guest could fail to be delighted by such a considerate and thoughtful host?


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