#Tunisia Lawyers’ Strike http://snup.us/njv / Jobless Tunisian attempts immolation


On Thursday January 6th, lawyers organized a strike to denounce the different assaults they experienced following the demonstrations they organized to support the popular movements in Sidi Bouzid few days ago.

In Tunis, the lawyers gathered in Tunis courthouse hall wearing their robes , the red badge , and signs on which we could read : Strike for Lawyers Dignity.

via A Tunisian Girl /بنيّة تونسية

The same day, a Tunisian man set himself alight in protest over his plight

A jobless man set himself afire Thursday in front of the main government office of the poor Tunisian province of Gafsa as three ministers visited the unemployment-hit area, local sources said.

The man was taken to hospital with third-degree burns and in a critical state, unionist Amar Amroussia said. He was later moved to a specialised hospital at Ben Arous, near the capital Tunis.

via vanguardngr.vom

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