News from Iran Week 01- 2012


Week 01


Journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian was removed from his cell block on Sunday. His whereabouts still unknown.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

Mostafa Ebrahim Tabbar begins serving his 6 months sentence in Mati-Kala prison in Babol.
Erfan Ehsani, bahai citizen in Semnan arrested.
Edalat Firouzian,  bahai citizen in Semnan arrested.
Faramarz Firouzian, bahai citizen in Semnan arrested.
Mohammad Reza Karbalaei Agha Maleki begins serving his 6 months sentence in Mati-Kala prison in Babol.
Mother of imprisoned journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian has been arrested a few hours for giving interviews about her son.
Mohammad Reza Masoumian begins serving his 6 months sentence in Mati-Kala prison in Babol.
Gonabadi Dervishes member Reza Pishkar was arrested in a raid of his home on Sunday and taken to Shiraz prison.
Labor activist Mozafar Salehnia was arrested in a raid of his business.
Poet and cultural activist Ali Soltani was arrested in Miyandoab on Sunday January 1.
Jahanbakhsh Vakili, brother of martyr Farhad Vakili, arrested.
At least 60 Kurdish citizens are arrested in Urmiah when protesting in front of Turkish consulate.

D-Other News 

Journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian severely beaten by interrogators in IRGC’s ward in Evin.
17 Ghezelhesar prison inmates transferred to solitary in preparation for hanging on drug charges.
A political prisoner dies in Khoy prison due lack of medical attention.

News of injustice in Iran

Idris Ak, Kurdish activist sentenced to 1 year in prison.
Mohammad Reza Golizadeh Akhlaghi sentenced to one million rials fine for insulting president.
Daughter of former President Rafsanjani, Faezeh Hashemi, sentenced to 6 months prison, also banned from political, cultural & media activities for 5 years.
Court of Appeals in Tabriz has upheld 91 days in prison + 20 lashes sentence for activist Rogiyeh Hassanzadeh.
Mousa Hosseinzadeh, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 1 year in prison.
Mohammad Reza Joshan gets an additional 16 month sentence while in prison.
Jalal Naseri Kurdish activist, sentenced to 5 years in prison.
Jamal Naseri Kurdish activist, sentenced to 5 years in prison.
Ghasem Rahimi Azar, Kurdish activist, sentenced to 8 years in Iran.
Sohrab Razzaghi, previous professor at Allameh Tabatabaee, sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Appeals confirm Fereshteh Shirazi sentence.
1 man executed in Zanjan on Monday.
2 executions in Arak on Tuesday.
22 Ghezelhesar prison inmates executed en masse and in secret in Evin prison on Tuesday.
3 public executions in Kermanshah.
5 people executed in Bam-Kerman prison.
1 execution in Varamin prison.

University  – Culture

Internet police (FATA) closed down 6 Internet cafes in South Khorasan province because they were using web proxies.
Ministry of Culture ordered the dissolution of the House of Cinema.
Incredible repressive new laws for internet cafes.
A “minimum of 85%” of Iranians do not have access to internet; Out of 74.8 million Iranians, 11 million (14.7%) have access, 27.3% of urban population & 4.9% of rural population.
Iran’s national intranet to be ready February 2011.

Economy in Iran

More than 40 percent of textile factories in Isfahan have closed.
350 out of 400 workers of Arg Diesel Company lost their jobs.
The value of US dollar increased: 1 US Dollar=1800 Tomans.
Housing costs rise 20% with rise of USD.
Top 4 countries importing commodities from Iran: China (25.6%), UAE (18.7%), Singapore (11.6%), India (11.4%).
Top export commodities of Iran: Petroleum gas (56%), Organic chemicals (25.6%), Uric fertilizer (7.2%), plastics (4.4).
Workers at Gold Tablet Company in Malayer have not received wages for 5 months.
Iranian delegation signed two trade agreements with China.
LG and Samsung agents in Iran will shut down for a minimum of 3 weeks due to foreign exchange fluctuations.
Iran discovers two New Oil Fields.


A number of agricultural fertilizer producers gathered in front of parliament and demanded the support of the government and parliament in preventing the closure of their industrial units.
On Thursday December 22nd, workers of Safa profiles in Saveh gathered in the factory to protest not getting paid for four months.
A group of workers from Dural Company gathered in front of the company to protest their sudden dismissal.
About 30 workers of Khavar Textile Company of Rasht gathered in front of the provincial governor’s office of Gilan on December 20th and asked for an inquiry about their delayed payments.
 500 workers of the steel factory in Ardabil demonstrated in front of the factory to request payment of 6 months wages.
Strike at the Gilana ceramics factory to ask for 7 months salary.

Iran  abroad

3 Iranian border guards detained in Pakistan; suspected of killing a Pakistani national.
Two Iranian pilgrims, arrested on drug charge, dead in Saudi prisons of the bad weather.
EU governments agree in principle on Iranian oil ban.
Iraqi minister in Tehran seeking Iran’s mediation in internal Iraqi dispute.
Greece says it will support Iran oil sanctions.
Turkish foreign minister visits Iran.

Politics in Iran

Based on warning from the judiciary, advocating for boycotting elections will be considered a crime.
Appointment of Ahmadinejad’s son in law as head of Standards Organization annulled.
Foreign Minister Salehi met with 70 Libyan tribes.
Ahmadinejad appointed former Mashaee’s advisor as head of Iran Cultural Heritage Organization.
Interior Minister: 5,395 registered for next parliament elections; 428 are women.
Ahmadinejad summoned to parliamentary committee.


In the first nine months of 1390, Tehran has had only two days with clean air.
Tehran’s water sources are polluted.
Haj Bakhshi, Iran -Iraq war veteran and leading member of hard-line Ansar Hezbollah, dies.
241 electrical cable thieves arrested during the past 8 months in Ahvaz.
2000 people have committed suicide in Ilam in 2010.
Twelve fitness clubs transgressing moral codes closed down in Qom.

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