#Iran Makes “US Spies” Arrests, Gives Few Details – ABC News

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Iran’s intelligence minister says the country’s secret services have arrested several people on charges of spying for the United States and seeking to undermine the March 2 parliamentary elections.

Heidar Moslehi was quoted by state TV as saying that the suspects were in touch with their contacts outside the country through the Internet. He did not identify them.
Moslehi didn’t say how many were arrested or when.
Iran periodically announces the capture or execution of alleged U.S. or Israeli spies, and often no further information is released. 
Iran Makes ‘US Spies’ Arrests, Gives Few Details – ABC News.

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3 thoughts on “#Iran Makes “US Spies” Arrests, Gives Few Details – ABC News

  1. 3 months on, and #Iran claims to arrest #Israel spies, gives few details. This regime couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    CNN — Iran said it has broken up an Israeli “terror and sabotage network” that was planning attacks within the country, making a number of arrests while confiscating weapons and equipment, state-run media reported.
    “The complicated and months-long measures and moves made by the Iranian intelligence forces to identify the devils led to the discovery of the Zionists’ regional command center … and discovering the identity of the agents active in that command center,” a statement from the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said, according to the Fars News Agency.
    Paul Hirschson, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that every few months Iran spreads disinformation and there is no basis to the story.
    tw: http://snup.us/wXU

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