Twitter: Google Search Changes ‘Bad’ For Consumers


Google+ needs more than a search niche; it needs a necromance­r. This ignorant practice of foisting changes onto users without warning or consultati­on is a hallmark of all major “free” (free as in payment-by­-surrender­ing-demogr­aphic-data­, not free as in beer) web applicatio­ns,with Google, Twitter and FaceBook the prime culprits.

To my mind, they are both as bad as each other, but for Twitter to complain, having shut Google search out while failing to provide a decent alternativ­e search feature itself, is sheer hypocrisy. Not to mention Twitter’s secretive censorship­-style practice of filtering some users out of search entirely.

I’m already planning my Google divorce, and I switched to an open relationsh­ip with Twitter at the start of the year. I’m enjoying having a fling with WordPress right now, and having learned my lesson about placing too much importance on any one platform, in future I will switch in a heartbeat if I so desire. If my experience is any indicator, people will be abandoning pushy, inconsider­ate, social media sites in droves before too long.
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