Updated – Why Revolution? – #Yemen Rights Monitor

In an interview with AlGomhoriah government newspaper, Minster of Water and Environment threatens to take debtors to court and says: “The Ministry’s institutions are near bankruptcy, as 33-billion Yemeni Rials of water bills’ arrears still not paid by Government’s establishments and high ranking officials.”
French Fancies-Yemen

Local paper says it has got documents that show properties of president’s son in Paris. It mentions a 12-million apartment on Avenue Champs-Elysees, a residential building and 5-star hotel. It says, too, that Ambassador Mr. Nabil Al-Dhula’ee, a sibling of oresident, has been appointed lately as Representative of Yemen in UNESCO to superintend properties of president and his sons in Paris

Some one decade ago, Local Authority Law was ratified by parliament. Authority was regulated to be delegated from the centre to provinces. Local Councils were elected authorized to monitor performance of local administrators/civil servants and keep them in posts or decide to change them.
Accordingly, Local Council of Lahj province decided in Autumn/Fall 2010 to expel deputy governor Mr. Yaser al Yamani on ground of corruption. This doc is a letter from Saleh to the Governor of Lahj ordering him to put al Yamani back in his position [a president breaks law in support of corrupts].
al Yamani was then re-appointed, but the Local Council insisted on their decision.
Given the rise of Southern Movement and their calls for cession of the south, president gave in, and moved al Yamani from Lahj to the Capital. Since then, he has been Deputy Governor of the Capital city!
Yemeni people have always experienced this pattern of presidential support of corrupt officials; whenever the public begin to rise their voice about a corrupt official, he gets promoted by Presidential Decree to a higher ranking post!Jobs 4 Pals-Yemen
Water + Fuel Shortage Lies- Yemen

This doc goes back to July 19, 2011. It tells Director General of Water in Taiz that the reason given to people for NOT supplying them with water was a lie. They were told there was no diesel to fuel water pumps, while a car belonging to the Water Authority headed by this Director General had been seen selling black market diesel!


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