Iran dissidents tracks via Facebook


Another reason to quit FaceBook

Flüchtlingshilfe Iran e.V. 2010

Shahrzadnews:A former employee of the Iranian National Television and Radio organisation (IRIB) says the Tehran regime has doubled its efforts to track down dissident journalists and bloggers by infiltrating their Facebook pages.

Naimeh Namjou of the Iranian television station Jame-Jam had earlier contacted the BBC Persian service through her Facebook page, and as a result was able to leave Iran and join the BBC in London.

The Alborz news website reports that many of Iran’s journalists have joined the Facebook pages of Farsi-language media organisations operating in Europe and the Middle East, in the hope of finding work with them. Those who have succeeded in leaving the country have warned internet users at home to be extra vigilant about revealing their identity when logging onto foreign media websites.

The Iranian security forces have threatened to prosecute anyone who contacts foreign media organisations or provides them with information about life…

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