Alert action ▶ Bethlehem University students go on hunger strike – # # BZUprotest OccupyBZU


Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Maan News Agency | Jan 19, 2012

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Seven Bethlehem University students announced an open hunger strike on Thursday in protest over rising tuition fees and fines for late payment.

Bethlehem University on Tuesday suspended classes amid ongoing protests. The university said it could not ensure the safety of students on campus while protesters were sleeping in corridors and preventing students going to class.

The student senate, which is leading the protest, said Thursday that protesters would not stop any student entering campus, in the interest of maintaining the academic process.

The senate said it had tried to end the crisis by offering the university 40,000 Jordanian dinars ($56,400) from the Fatah movement to exempt students from tuition fee increases. It said the university had not responded to the initiative.

The students vowed to stay on campus until their demands were met.

Source Maan News Agency

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