20 Jan 2012 Interesting LOIC Download Stats

2012-01-20 24,717
2012-01-19 5,789
2012-01-18 1,176
2012-01-17 1,170
2012-01-16 972
2012-01-15 884
2012-01-14 934

Download Statistics: loic.

If yesterday’s attack was the ‘largest ever’, what is in the works after an extra 24,000 copies of LOIC have been downloaded? Oh by the way, if you visit the SourceForge link and look at the locations map for downloads, don’t get carried away imagining that there are people in every far-flung corner of the globe downloading – it’s just location masking via private proxy or relay.

12 thoughts on “20 Jan 2012 Interesting LOIC Download Stats

  1. Update ~ Gizmodo: #Anonymous took out CBS.com and are continuing their revenge spree. The CBS takedown wasn’t your regular DDoS attack because if you went to CBS.com at the time Anon attacked it, there was nothing except an index page with a single file. That’s it. Basically, Anonymous gained access to CBS.com and deleted EVERYTHING.
    CBS.com has managed to put itself back up but we’ll be on the lookout of Anonymous’ next move. This is going to be interesting. Last time Anon went on a revenge spree, well, the DOJ, RIAA, MPAA, Universal, EMI, FBI and others all got a piece of the takedown fun.

    Update: Looks like they just took down UniversalMusic.com again too!

    Update 2: Anon is now going after websites in Brazil. The Hacker News reports that websites of Brazil’s federal district, the city of Tangara da Serra and popular Brazilian singer Paula Fernandes have been brought offline in a DDoS attack. Anonymous’ message on the affected websites? “If Megaupload is down, you are down too.”

    Update 3: Vivendi, a French media company involved in music, film, TV, video games, etc., has been brought down too. Vivendi used to own Universal

    Follow this story at Gizmodo

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