So unpleasant @tibettruth There are no 'police'…


So unpleasant “@tibettruth: There are no ‘police’ in occupied #Tibet ONLY China’s jackbooted psychopaths ALSO that happened in #Tibet NOT ‘china” Way to go mate, giving others a hard time for showing an interest. This isn’t helping, it’s just giving online activism a bad name. China couldn’t do a better job of killing enthusiasm for the Tibetan cause than this half of the double act that runs the @tibettruth Twitter account. I remember over a year ago this charmer unfollowed me, and a few hours later the other (nicer) one gave me an #FF mention. This aggressive attitude is up front and honest, but I am sure many people find it incredibly negative. I know I do.


One thought on “So unpleasant @tibettruth There are no 'police'…

  1. Actually, @tibettruth ~ when someone shows enough interest to mention your cause but makes what you think is an error of any kind, it is an opportunity for dialogue, to expand your network, to share quality information by offering accurate information, to spread your message and be an ambassador for your cause. If you choose to throw that opportunity away by being aggressive and alienating, you lose in more ways than one. [Re:@lissnup it’s unpleasant to misreport on reality of tyranny inside #Tibet]

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