#Mauritania’s reeling from news of Gen Aziz’ son Badr


The young hot-head has reportedly been arrested for shooting a girl in the early hours of Sunday morning, 22 Jan 2012. Stories describe a drunken argument during which the girl was shot. She was reportedly taken to Nouakchott Hospital where we are told doctors said a bullet was lodged in her lung. Later report said she was being airlifted to Morocco for treatment in a specialist hospital. It’s been the hot gossip online all day long.  I can’t confirm any of these reports because it has not been published in any official or traditional media – seems like there is a virtual blackout on the subject.

For added drama, the website that broke the story was apparently hacked – for at least the 3rd time. Personally, I am hoping Taqadoumy stays offline until they figure out how to run a website without getting hacked so regularly. Once is unfortunate. Twice is careless. Three times is just downright embarrassing.



3 thoughts on “#Mauritania’s reeling from news of Gen Aziz’ son Badr

  1. #Mauritania’s Badr scandal finally makes AJA news – now visiting European and Sahel dignitaries are safely on their way home. But the recklessly juvenile Badr is painted as some kind of hero, insisting on taking the blame for the “accidental” shooting, rather than a spoilt and over-privileged bully who tried to stop her going to the hospital, force the blame on his companions, avoid arrest, and who broke down in a crying tantrum when he was forced to confess. The small army of ministers and advisers who swooped on the victim and her family to do damage control is omitted, and we hear only of one official representative who accompanied her to hospital in Morocco, out of concern for her well-being (and no doubt a desire to sweep it all under the carpet before Moroccan media get to her). tw: http://snup.us/pr1 (Arabic) 25 Jan 2012

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