LOIC Downloads Update – BlueHat FaceBook Attack Planned?

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25 Jan 2012 UPDATE: Total downloads since 20 Jan now over 110,000 copies and still going.

This story on CNET about a video allegedly from Anonymous threatening to take FaceBook down on 28 January has been denied by …  @AnonOps! Once again (as on 5 November 2011) Anons are being set up as wanting to “kill FaceBook” – but this time, some busy work has been happening that could make it impossible for Anonymous to defend their claim of innocence. Even if – like last time – they don’t take FaceBook down, someone else could. I am referring to the 112,000+ downloads of LOIC in the 6 days since the Anon attack on FBI, US Gov and media industry sites that followed the raid on MegaUpload.

The geographical distribution of the downloads, coming from 182 countries,  is so widespread it looks highly suspicious to me. What makes this even more interesting and less believable is WikiPedia shows us exactly the same number – 182 – of the 195 countries in the world have internet access. Is such a coincidence even remotely likely to happen under normal circumstances?

So here’s the deal:  if enough copies have been downloaded by an organised group – or an organisation – they could indeed target every one of FaceBook’s 60,000 servers. They could also use the same technique to mask their location as we are likely seeing in action with the LOIC downloads statistics. Are there plans to stage a “Blue Hat” operation against FaceBook and pin it on Anonymous? What I am suggesting here is that Anonymous’ biggest weakness: the ease with which any entity, shielded by their anonymity, can pass itself off as Anonymous, is at work in a major way. Anon may be about to get pwned by the “Anti-Anon”.

DATE Downloads
2012-01-25 10,783
2012-01-24 29,371
2012-01-23 6,242
2012-01-22 16,104
2012-01-21 17,107
2012-01-20 33,007
2012-01-19 5,789
2012-01-18 1,176
2012-01-17 1,170
2012-01-16 972
2012-01-15 884
2012-01-14 934

Download Statistics: loic.

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5 thoughts on “LOIC Downloads Update – BlueHat FaceBook Attack Planned?

  1. Should #FaceBook users be concerned? YES.

    An organized operation to take FaceBook down would be an elaborate scheme; there are far easier ways to discredit (if that is the word) Anonymous.

    What else might happen during a DDoS attack on FaceBook? Various scenarios are possible.

    User details and content might be harvested. That means your content, your email(s) and your password could be at risk. Fake content might be inserted using your account or someone else’s account. Nasty scripts could be injected into one or more servers, waiting to trap users when they regain access. All sorts of bad things could be going on in a “blackout”.

    What can you do?

    Download your content – this is available to all users and FaceBook page admins from the admin menu.
    Use free automated service like backupify.com to set up scheduled backups of your FaceBook account/page(s)
    Secure your email and passwords. See Keeping Your Account Secure
    Check and amend your privacy settings for how to regain control of your account in case of a lost password. Find more details by looking in the FaceBook Help section.

    Suppose there is no “BlueHat” operation? In that case, you have done nothing but learn how to make a back up of FaceBook data and safeguard your privacy. It’s a win-win.

    tw: 24 Jan 2012

  2. RT because I think activists, #FaceBook users and #Anon watchers should be aware of the possible implications of a major attack on FaceBook (to users) and of the implications of an organised group passing itself of as Anon. For example, we should ponder whether they would publish reams of user details, and if so, would it be just for effect or for more nefarious purposes, and how many people at risk of repression might be affected …

    tw: 25 Jan 2012

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