Some of what I am reading or thinking…


Some of what I am reading or thinking about at the moment


21 thoughts on “Some of what I am reading or thinking…

  1. Looks like #Algeria and #Mauritania are each claiming to have received 100 refugees from #Mali, driven out by the ongoing fighting between Tuaregs and Malian troops. Is this that “regional cooperation” we hear so much about, or just double-accounting to secure the billions of Euro’s which Spain has strong-armed the EU into parting with to stem the flow of emigrants trying to reach Europe via the Canary Islands?

  2. Are doctors’ strikes increasing? Seen them in #Egypt, now #Oman doctors in all gov hospitals on a 3-day strike. Unemployed doctors in #Mauritania were protesting last week. Can you imagine: a country with such an appalling health record has unemployed doctors?!

    • Doctors & nurses on strike in #India #USA #Tanzania #Kenya #Israel #UK (almost) in the past 6 months, according to a quick search that also mentioned Australia, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain and Slovakia. Guess I was right, there are more strikes among medical staff.

  3. #Azerbaijan soccer fans in #Iran support #Turkey, protest #France’s position on #Armenia as racist. If the majority of Azeris in Iran want separation (and I have not seen evidence of that yet), I will support them. What I won’t support is anyone taking an extreme position they don’t fully believe in just to make a political argument that furthers their own goals.

  4. Every day the same thoughts: why can’t ppl get real about nuclear weapons?
    Who had the first nuclear weapon?
    Which is the only country in the world to use a nuclear bomb against another country?
    Which country has the most nuclear weapons in the world?
    What is happening to the disarmament plan?
    What is happening with the non-proliferation treaty?
    Why do we have to read about non-existent nuclear weapons in Iran when Israel, Pakistan, North Korea etc have nukes and no one gives a crap about that?
    Why do we have to hear complaints and threats about WMDs from the country with the largest stockpile of WMDs?
    If weapons are such a great deterrent why are sanctions even needed?
    Why are humans of so little value that killing them is fair game, yet so hypocritical that being killed in response is unfair?
    Why are bullets considered a reasonable response to rocks thrown by protesters?
    What is America, France, Britain, Germany, Spain etc etc doing in Africa and the Middle East anyway? Why can’t they stay in their own countries?

    • Also: Drones! Giant Israeli drones allegedly “capable of reaching #Iran” that nonetheless crash in #Israel. Eh, it’s better if your giant drone crashes in your own country.
      Laser-guided missiles and new super whatever drones allegedly being made in Iran according to the regime.
      Iraq suddenly noticing for the first time in who knows how many years that there are US drones in their skies and not liking it. Well why didn’t you negotiate getting rid of them as part of the US withdrawal? What’s that, Iraq, you didn’t negotiate? Figures.
      Meanwhile a Heron drone from India was reportedly patrolling China’s border back in November 2009 and we find out today. Well 2 years ago that would have been news but today, who cares?

  5. US troops seen arriving in Atar, #Mauritania. Maybe the training taskforce … oh wait that was European funding for border patrols to control immigrants – and this despite over 2000 refugees reported to have arrived in Mauritania as they fled fighting in Northern Mali.

  6. #Mauritania locals where gendarme was kidnapped terrorised by armed gangs robbing, beating & shooting people like mafia. This could spread like a plague, far beyond Adel Begrou if not dealt with efficiently and decisively.

  7. 1000 students on strike in #Mauritania after being pressured to reveal political affiliations. It’s turning into a witch-hunt worthy of the Iranian regime.

  8. #Iran Shipping Lines renamed 90 of 123 ships since 2008 trying to dodge sanctions “being shuffled like a deck of cards in a Las Vegas casino.” says the Jerusalem Post quoting a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

  9. Message for #Mauritania’s Aziz, #Ethiopia’s Zenawi and all African dicators: “Repression is a dead end” – Ban ki-Moon. The UN SEC Gen also said “police power is no match for people power seeking dignity and justice” and “The women and men protesting in streets and public squares across the region are both an inspiration and a reminder. A reminder that leaders must listen to their people”.

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