News and Comments 2 Feb 2012

Last word

Last word

Dissident satirist and online activist Mehdi Alizadeh Fakhrabad sentenced to death in #Iran

02 Feb 2012 Mauritania security forces attack Nouakchott student dormitory

02 Feb 2012 Mauritania security forces attack Nouakchott student dormitory


20 thoughts on “News and Comments 2 Feb 2012

  1. First Badr’s victim in #Mauritania flown to #Morocco, now Sarko uses #France military jet to bring son home from #Ukraine v @IHT_RDV As @laurenzcollins notes in @NewYorker, “DJ Mosay” story absent in #France media, same as #Mauritania’s Badr scandal. tw:

  2. Striking similarities of repressive tactics used by #Mauritania and #Iran regimes.

    • Attacking unarmed students
    • closing universities and calling it a religious holiday
    • refusing to register students
    • ignoring soaring unemployment while giving top jobs only to those in their inner circle
    • fighting between themselves
    • postponing elections
    • dismissing accusations of vote-rigging without transparent investigation
    • harassing and obstructing the opposition
    • illegal and arbitrary detention of Human Rights activists
    • increasing fuel prices and claiming no impact on inflation
    • publishing blatant lies about economic performance
    • making clandestine deals with foreign military
    • filtering opposition websites
    • deploying regime activists on social networks to sow distrust and division
    • infiltrating opposition movements to sow discord
    • trying – and failing – to claim ownership of the “Arab Spring”


  3. In short, there is no real connection btwn Iranian gov and Huthis. Saleh has been hyping these “ties” since 2004 but with no evidence. Now AQAP is doing the same. Iran is always happy to be seen as more powerful and influential than it is. The interests of Huthi leadership are almost purely local. They want local power, not independence, not reinstatement of the Imamate, NOT Iranian satellite rule.

  4. Religious leaders now demanding Wade withdraw from #Senegal election. He needs the Marabout’s support tw: [Ar] رابطة الأئمة والخطباء في السنغال يطالبون الرئيس “واد” بسحب ترشحه

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