News from Iran Week 05 – 2012

News of the Prisoners


  • Alireza Karami Kheirabadi transferred to an outside hospital.
  • Mehdi Khazali has been transferred to Evin’s 350 section clinic for stomach bleeding.
  • Ali Malihi transfered to Evin’s prison clinic for oral surgery and returned back to prison.
  • Imprisoned Student Activist Abolfazl Tabarzadi transferred to Psychiatric Ward.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Hassan, Jalil Nezal and Jamal Nezal Abeyat arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Heydar and Khaled Abidavi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Police attacked the house of Ali Akhavan, Workers’ rights activist and arrested him.
  • Mozhgan Amadi, Baha’i, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Adel and Adnan Cheldavi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Karim Majid Daheimi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Nima Dehghan, Baha’i, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Bijan and Mozhdeh Falah, Baha’is, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Zhinoos Fanayan, Baha’i, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Mohammad Adnan Halefi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Ali Heydari arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Sam Jarberi, Baha’i, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Hadi Manabi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Faraj Mousavi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Political activist Hossein Naeimipour arrested.
  • Ayoub and Emad Saedi arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Abbas Sami arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Sina Sarikhani, Baha’i, arrested in Shiraz.
  • Eydan Shahi, arrested in Ahvaz for promoting elections boycott.
  • Police arrested a number of foreign currency dealers during “a strike operation”.


Hasan Fathi

Hasan Fathi

  • Ali Ajami freed at the end of his 2 year sentence.
  • Houman Fakar Moghadam released against 150 million toman bail.
  • Hassan Fathi is free on bail.
  • Mohammad Javad Mozafar freed after serving his sentence.
  • Labour activist Mansour Osanloo released on bail.
  • Civil activist Taghi Salahshour has been released on bail from Tabriz prison.

D-Other News

  • Ali Abassi, Rahman Yaghoubi, and Maziar Yazdan Nia, Mazandaran University students, held behind bars among dangerous criminals.
  • Still no news of Christians Davoud Alijani, Naser Zamen Dezfooli, and Christian priest Farhad Sabok Rouh, arrested in Ahvaz during Christmas celebrations.
  • Jafar Eghdami on hunger strike at Rejaei Shahr prison to protest official’s refusing to give him medication provided by his family.
  • Fatemeh Kheradmand meets with her family in prison.
  • Ebrahim Rashidi to protest against his illegal arrest.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Mehdi Alizadeh was sentenced to death for Moharebeh.
  • Famous kickboxing instructor Hossein Armin executed in public at Karaj.
  • Kurdish political prisoner Reza Esmaeili has been sentenced to death on Moharebeh charges.
  • Faran Hesami, wife of Kamran Rahimian, sentenced to 4 years in prison.
  • Journalist, writer and civic activist Beitollah Mohammadi aka Saeed Moghanli is found not guilty.
  • Leila Mohammadi, converted to Christianity, sentenced to 2 years in prison.
  • Student activist Saeed Naimi sentenced to 2 years in prison.
  • Kamran Rahimian, Baha’I, sentenced to 4 years in prison.
  • Elham Roozbehi, a Bahai resident of Semnan, given a three year sentence.
  • Baha’i Sadaf Sabetian sentenced to 2 years in prison
  • Student activist Mohsen Sanatipour has been sentenced to one year in prison.
  •  5 years sentence confirmed by Appeals for Baha’I Eighan Shahidi.
  • 4-year jail term upheld for Mousavi supporter Hossein Zarrini.
  • Execution of a Kurdish prisoner was carried out in Evin on Sunday.
  • Two secret hangings carried out in Rasht prison.
  • Guardian Council approves new Shari’a based penal legislation.
  • One prisoner who escaped from Ilam prison, was executed in the prison yard upon his recapture.

University  – Culture

  • Gender equality award for Parastoo Forouhar.
  • Azadeh Tavana, student in Azad University, summoned to Intelligence ministry

Economy in Iran

  • The dollar back up again at 1880 Toman.
  • Turkey’s Halkbank to continue working with Iran.
  •  Over the past nine months, the UAE, China, Germany, Korea and Turkey were Iran’s five leading trading partners.


  • Train drivers on strike in northeastern Iran.
  • Manufacturing plant employees in Mashhad demonstrate against Province Administration over a year delay of salaries.

Iran  abroad

  • Armed Syrian opposition says it has “captured members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard operating in Syria”.
  • EU halts financing of grain shipments to Iran.
  • Interior Minister in Russia to combat drug trafficking.
  • Iran falls 36 places in 2012 Environmental Performance Index.
  • For the 4th time now: US Navy comes to rescue of Iranian fishing dhow.
  • Iran says 11 Iranian pilgrims kidnapped in Syria.
  • Central Banks of UAE and Qatar tell lenders to stop financing trade with Iran.
  • Foreign Office Minister condemns Iranian harassment of BBC staff.

Politics in Iran

  • Guardian Council – 45% of candidates for March Elections rejected.
  • Iran hosts the International Youth and Islamic Awakening Conference on 28 and 29 January.
  • Gaza-based Hamas Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, will visit Iran on February 3.
  • Finally, Ahmadinejad presented his 2012/2013 Budget – 57 days after it was due.


  • International women’s soccer games in Iran cancelled after foreign national teams refused to participate.
  • Cyber-police arrested administrators of a Facebook group which launched an online beauty contest.

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