Prejudice May Have Evolutionary Basis, Say ‘Male Warrior’ Researchers


Do we really need researchers to tell us that prejudice is ignorant and stupid?

The Fifth Column

Another research result about intelligence and basal instincts.  Some of us will conclude, “Oh, ok, now I understand” and others will say “No way!”

Hey, that’s how these things go, but it seemed interesting enough to post…

The Huffington Post

Does racism stem from low intelligence? It’s not entirely clear, though recent research found links between bigoted thinking and low scores on I.Q tests. But a new study points to an even deeper explanation for xenophobia and intolerance.

It suggests that prejudice is programmed into our genes.

The study , published January 24 in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, suggests that racism, for example, is essentially a holdover from ancient history – when humans lived in tribes and it made sense to view outsiders with hostility and fear.

Study author Dr. Mark van Vugt told the Telegraph that their research “suggests that the human mind is shaped…

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