Most. Powerful. Protest. Ever.


Firemen use foam and water on government buildings over austerity cuts.

Firemen demonstrate against austerity cuts and pension reforms in Belgium. They used foam and water on government buildings, and security. Why can’t all protests include members of civil defence forces (and their awesome water and foam cannon firepower)? It would really straighten out the odds!

Firemen demonstrate against pension reforms – Belgium |


One thought on “Most. Powerful. Protest. Ever.

  1. Reblogged this on Global Freedom Movement and commented:

    Very different situation when the protesters are members of the civil defence forces, as with these firemen in Belgium. They are treated completely differently by police and security forces; reported on differently by the media (they will never be called a “mob”, “rebels”, “rabble” etc); and they have formidable weapons: powerful equipment, group discipline and protective clothing.

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