Egyptians needs to make peace with their inner thug, whether that is the persona of an angry soccer fan or the more deadly Mubarak archetype


(AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Clashes, death, anger and tear gas. This is the endless cycle of violence that engulfs Egypt these days. The rotten regime of Mubarak has eroded the entire foundation of Egyptian society and left a country with weak fabrics fixed with cement as dodgy as that used in many of Cairo’s sore-eye tower blocks.

What the regime left behind is a base that is not easy to eradicate nor suitable for repair. Mubarak’s men are not those “Felool” who everybody talks about. As a matter of fact, we all are in one way or another Mubarak’s men and women.  We grew up inhaling his poisonous air and following his pathological mind. We learned not to take responsibility for our own actions and shout “conspiracy” every time we face troubles. It seems the entire world is conspiring against us from the kingdom of Middle Earth to the mountain of…

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