Iran: IRGC Roof Raiders Scrap Satellite Dishes


As the images below show, several dozen people in Tehran have had their satellite dishes and receivers confiscated recently. I can’t afford satellite TV myself, so I have no feelings about this one way or the other, but I am sure some people will be demonstrating outrage over these raids. In fact it is not only a form of censorship, it is also a domestic sanction against foreign TV communication. No one in Iran can possibly pretend they don’t know it is illegal to use satellite TV, so there won’t be any legal complaints or civil court cases from the home-owners. However, the regime has been known to use possession of satellite TV equipment to persecute political and civil activists, as a way of increasing the range and number of charges against them.

گزارش تصویری/ اجرای طرح امنیت اجتماعی در شرق استان تهران
در طرح ارتقا امنیت اجتماعی که ظهر امروز در شرق استان تهران اجرا شد ماموران نیروهای انتظامی اقدام به جمع آوری تجهیزات دریافت ماهواره کردند.

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2 thoughts on “Iran: IRGC Roof Raiders Scrap Satellite Dishes

  1. That really is nuts? It seems like their government are going to even further extremes to censor any communications with the rest of the world. Really feel bad for the people.

    • The really bizarre part is, the dishes and satellite receivers are illegal, and have to be smuggled into the country. The IRGC itself is accepted and recognised as the leading force in all contraband operations. So when the IRGC pull these little publicity stunts, their own smugglers will be right behind them, selling replacements to the “victims”. Same deal with booze, tobacco and drugs.

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