Mauritania: Married. Pregnant. Murdered. Just 15 years old


Married, pregnant and murdered at just 15 years oldMauritania: A man in Tevrag Zeina, a neighbourhood to the north west of the capital Nouakchott, is believed to have killed his 15 year old wife, in the last month of her pregnancy. Her body was discovered hidden at the side of their home under a pile of household items and furnishings. The deceased girl’s cousin raised the alarm, fearing the worst because she was aware that the husband had a history of violence towards his young wife, and often refused to allow her to leave the house. Two days earlier, neighbours had intervened after hearing cries for help from the wife, and had persuaded the husband to leave the house and stay with relatives. But evidently he returned and killed her, hiding the body before making his escape. Souce: Sahara Media [Ar]


2 thoughts on “Mauritania: Married. Pregnant. Murdered. Just 15 years old

  1. More on the murder of 15 year old pregnant wife in #Mauritania. Her husband, who slit her throat and hid her body by the side of a poultry store, was apparently released from serving a sentence for the murder of an ex-wife. His freedom was the result of a presidential pardon, as is the custom during Eid. He is one of 70% of repeat offenders, the rest of whom have found their way back to prison, after being pardoned. tw: [Ar]

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