Old Khatami pic the only excitement of Iran's 2012 earliamentary election so far


Round 1

I am fairly sure there will be a second round of run-off voting in a few weeks. There were run-offs in 2008 and that was before the June 2009 Presidential election exploded into a crisis. The crackdown on protests and dissidents since 2009 is a political drama still playing out now in prison exercise periods, on social media, and in private conversations.

Khatami Votes in 2008 2nd Round Parliamentary Elections

Khatami Votes in 2008 2nd Round Parliamentary Elections

Reports from always-unreliable Iran state media that a reformist and former presidential candidate from 2009 – Khatami – has voted, has produced a wave of outrage inside and outside the country. The image I saw being used is from the second round run-offs in 2008. While there is a chance he may have voted, and has an excuse to explain his reasons for ignoring the reformist call to boycott, using an old image doesn’t lend any credibility to these reports.  I am consigning them to the rumor mill for now. UPDATE: Saham news is reporting that Khatami did in fact vote, and that other leading figures Hashemi Rafsanjani and Hassan Khomeini voted, too. I [still] feel very sad for the upset and arguments this news is generating.


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