Real World Revolutionaries: Yassine Ayari – Tunisia

Yassine Ayari

Yassine Ayari

Yassine Ayari is another great activist from Tunisia, like Slim Amamou. What rock stars. I love them for their honesty, enthusiasm, energy and determination.

“When I see Western democratic countries having seminars and conferences about the “Arab Spring” and “Democratic Uprisings in in the Middle East” it’s like a conference about virginity, sponsored by Durex.
You are democracies. You vote for your governments. So when I think about Western countries supporting Ben Ali and his regime for 20 years, I don’t blame the government. I blame you. So please, stop trying to tell us what we should do. If you want to tell us, show us. Go out on your streets, have a revolution, then we will see.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via Yassine Ayari: Page officielle on FacedBook

Ayari Yassine: Network & Security Engineer Tunisian blogger,activist fighting for internet freedom and against censorship ! Supporting GNU and OpenSource Contributor.


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