Good initiative, and a chance to channel our efforts in a meaningful organised way

Global Freedom Movement

Social Media Outposts

Social media is completely transforming the media landscape of today and can be actively used as a means to spread human rights awareness and incite change. jhr‘s online community, needs people to consume, share, and encourage the production of rights media by blogging, tweeting, or sharing on Facebook and any other social networking site, stories which have the very real potential to change lives.

These Digital Ambassadors will ultimately act as champions for human rights in the online world. Responsibilities include:

  • Spreading the word: Share information about jhr’s programs and human rights in general by using the various social media tools that you already use on a daily basis. jhr’s Social Media Coordinator will be in touch with you every other week to give you the inside scoop on what’s going on at head office and overseas.
  • Leading campaigns: Be at the forefront of jhr’s upcoming engagement, awareness, and fundraising campaigns

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