URGENT EMAIL ACTION: Stop forced Roma evictions in Serbia


An entire Roma community in Belgrade, Serbia, is being forcibly removed from a settlement in Belgrade. Most are refugees from the Kosovo war. They have nowhere else to go. Take action today.

UPDATE – 1 March 2012

Roma families in Serbia face eviction

Roma families in Serbia face eviction

Thirty-three Roma families, many of whom had fled the war in Kosovo, could be forcibly evicted from their homes in Belgrade, Serbia. The eviction has been set for the 7th of March. Take action now

If evicted, the Roma families from Belgrade  are likely to be re-housed in metal containers. Some from Kosovo have been offered places at  collective refugee centres which are not only inadequate but have already been slated for closure by the government. Others have been told that they must return to Kosovo, where they may be at risk of  discrimination, or be left homeless.

The same families were previously threatened with forced eviction in November 2011. After Amnesty and other human rights groups took up the campaign – and thousands of you took action – the eviction was delayed and a working group comprising of government, city authorities and human rights groups was set up to prepare a resettlement plan for residents. However, at a recent meeting of the working group, the Ministry for Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning announced that evictions would go ahead as soon as the weather allows. Read more

via Stop forced evictions in Serbia – 1.


2 thoughts on “URGENT EMAIL ACTION: Stop forced Roma evictions in Serbia

  1. jj

    “Most are refugees from the Kosovo war.”

    But why no action over them being permanently ethnically cleansed from their original homes in Kosovo? Why no pressure on Kosovo Albanians and the internationally community for overseeing that and doing nothing about it?
    They should at least be compensated for their destroyed or stolen homes and land in Kosovo and then maybe they’d be able to afford and actual home or apartment elsewhere.

    • It’s sickening how refugees are being used like pawns in a great geopolitical chess game. Too many campaigns respond to symptoms, and their success is limited by this failure to address root causes. Note also the headline on the first “related article” – ‘Serbia pleased with its EU candidacy’ tw:http://snup.us/tUA. It’s as if all these issues exist in a parallel universe.

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