Something in the Air?


Three events to consider here.

First, the story I posted on 11 March 2012, about the American Airlines flight attendant losing it on a flight, yelling about terrorist threats, and having to be restrained.

Second, on 27 March 2012, a JetBlue flight captain losing it on a flight, yelling about a terrorist threat, and having to be restrained. This time, the plane was packed with burly security experts and ex-cops, on their way to a convention in Las Vegas and there just happened to be an off-duty pilot available and people who took cellphone video of the “incident”.


Third, is the 23 March 2012 release of an affidavit created January 28, 2008, from a highly qualified pilot saying that the famous video footage aired by CNN of the Boeing jet airplanes striking the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on  September 9, 2001 “could not have happened”.  It is important to note he is NOT saying 9/11 never happened, nor is he saying that planes did not strike the towers. He is saying it could not have been that type of aircraft, under those conditions, behaving as portrayed in the video and described in the commentary. The testimony, although expert, is from someone  described to me as a “conspiracy nut”. His remarks upset some people who have close personal links to the 9/11 tragedy, which is predictable and understandable. I watched that video over again and I knew from the moment I saw it that life would be different from that day on. Regardless, I tried to look at this “news” release from a different perspective: why release the document at this time?

The two recent in-flight incidents, when taken with the release of this statement, fit neatly into an orchestrated security preparedness scenario. Whether that is simply to enable security people to conduct realistic simulation training or for some other reason I would not hazard to guess.  But the idea of two trained and experienced individuals who work on board commercial aircraft each having a meltdown within such a short space of time, and having to be subdued is too big a coincidence to write off without giving it some thought. What made me think these three events might be related was that none of the Jet Blue stories I checked mentioned the American Airlines incident from just two week’s earlier. When I read today that the Jet Blue captain was interviewed in-depth last year, and the journalist who met him felt this behaviour was completely out of character for him, I wondered if the whole scenario was scripted and the affidavit release was simply timed to coincide with these stories for added emphasis.

I will try to monitor news for other similar stories in the next few weeks, in case there are more examples. If you find any I’d be grateful for a tip-off and a link. Meanwhile, I’d be interested in your take on this.


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