Syria Death Toll Mounting Daily, Refugees in Crisis


Total deaths,
by governorates,
March 2011 through
March 25, 2012

The city of Homs, known as the capital of the revolution, was one of the first to join the uprisings against the Syrian government. With nearly 3,500 people killed, the city and its suburbs have been hit hardest by the government’s brutal crackdown. On March 1, after nearly a month of shelling by government forces, rebel fighters fled the Baba Amr district of Homs. Syrian military forces continue to bombard the city and its surrounding neighborhoods.

deaths on Syria map

Diplomatic steps

What other countries and outside groups have done to try to end the violence.

May 23 European Union imposes sanctions on Assad and other senior officials.
Aug. 18 The United States, Canada, France, Germany and United Kingdom call for Assad to step down. A U.N. report says the Syrian government may have committed crimes against humanity.
Sept. 2 EU imposes ban on purchases of Syrian oil.
Oct. 5 China and Russia veto a U.N. resolution condemning Syria.
Nov. 12 The Arab League suspends Syria.
Nov. 27 Arab states vote to impose economic sanctions on Syria.
Dec. 19 Syria signs the Arab League peace plan, and agrees to let monitors into country.
Jan. 22 The Arab League urges Assad to step down. Saudi Arabia quits monitoring mission.
Jan. 28 The Arab League suspends monitoring.
Feb. 4 Russia and China veto U.N. Security Council resolution, backed by Arab League, calling for Assad to step down.
Feb. 6 The United States closes its embassy in Syria.
Feb. 16 The U.N. General Assembly endorses an Arab League plan for a U.N.-Arab peacekeeping force.
Feb. 24 Foreign ministers from more than 50 countries meet in Tunis to discuss the situation in Syria. Russia and China do not attend.
March 1 Russia and China join other members of U.N. Security Council in expressing disappointment over Syria’s refusal to let U.N. humanitarian chief Valerie Amos visit the country.
March 6 The five permanent Security Council members and Morocco meet to discuss a U.S.-drafted resolution urging an end to the crackdown.
March 9 After finally being allowed into the country, Amos says the destruction in the Baba Amr neighborhood is devastating. She said she demanded access for humanitarian aid, but Assad’s government did not commit.
March 11 U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan ends talks with Assad and leaves Syria with little sign of progress.
March 21 The Security Council, including Russia and China, backs Annan’s six-point plan for ending the violence.
March 27 Assad agrees to Annan’s plan.

Help Refugees Fleeing Syria

Intense fighting in Syria has forced over 30,000 people to flee and seek safety. We are already on the ground in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, but we expect thousands more refugees in the coming weeks.Please help us raise enough money to purchase 2,400 blankets and other critical supplies to prepare for the influx of new refugees.

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  • $345 can allocate a tent or shelter to one refugee family.
  • $1,000 can deliver 10 survival kits, each containing a blanket, a mattress, a kitchen set, a stove and soap.
  • $5,500 can supply blankets for 500 refugee families.

Or, join the Emergency Response Team today and provide 48 large blankets for $20 per month!

Help Syrian Refugee Children
Syrian refugees arrive in northern Lebanon. ©Reuters/Afif Diab

Sources: United Nations Institute for Training and Research; Institute for the Study of War; State Department; CIA;; staff reports; UNHCR
GRAPHIC: Laris Karklis, Laura Stanton, Bill Webster, Sisi Wei and Karen Yourish – The Washington Post. Published March 14, 2012.

via Washington Post and UNHCR.

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