6 thoughts on “1 Apr 2012 Jobless #Mauritania protesters defy threats

  1. Unemployed grads made history storming #Mauritania presidential palace today, first time since 1960 independence. Video interview describing the hopeless situation for thousands of graduates in the country, with the protesters saying they plan to stay put, and that Aziz is not leaving until they get a response, in the main post [Ar].
    Two weeks ago, at a political rally, Aziz was proudly boasting about how graduates had been put to work growing rice, and pledging to expand the program. Even if all the reclaimable land he mentioned was turned over to rice paddies only a small percentage of unemployed graduates would benefit – and I use the word loosely.
    Also today, the WHO published new figures predicting explosive population growth in Arab countries in the next 10 – 20 years and commenting on increased unemployment in Mauritania and other countries in the region.

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