#Guinea-Bissau coup leaders dissolve institutions, close air and sea borders


ImageLeaders of the coup in Guinea-Bissau announced Sunday they have dissolved all institutions of the state in preparation for a new transitional government. Details were being hammered out at a meeting on Monday, according to a spokesperson for opposition parties, Fernando Vaz. Out of 35 opposition parties, 22 were reported to be taking part.

The five opposition candidates from the interrupted election, including their main leader, Kumba Yala, “strongly condemned” the military coup of April 12 and demanded “a rapid return to constitutional order”

A ship is on it’s way from Portugal to aid in evacuation of foreign nationals. The junta announced Sunday 15 April that all transport by air or sea must have approval, and any violation will lead to a “military response”, which may complicate matters.

The junta say they acted to prevent foreign intervention and a plot to “wipe out” Guinea-Bissau’s army involving the Angolan troops that have been stationed in the country for some time, ostensibly to provide transitional training and support. Angola announced last Wednesday, the day before the coup,. that they were withdrawing their troops because of problems with their relationship with the Guinea-Bissau military.


One thought on “#Guinea-Bissau coup leaders dissolve institutions, close air and sea borders

  1. #AfricanUnion Suspends #Guinea-Bissau’s membership until constitutional order is restored in the turbulent West African country. The continental body is also working with regional groups to draft tough sanctions against perpetrators of last week’s military coup.

    In unusually strong language, the AU Peace and Security Council on Tuesday called for international solidarity in condemning the illegal seizure of power in Guinea-Bissau. The council said Guinea-Bissau is suspended from all AU activities until the return of constitutional order.

    tw: http://snup.us/xuY

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