Sharp suits and dodgy politics. #Libya #ICC & #Mauritania


Moreno-Ocampo says ICC has not requested extradition of Senussi and NTC chairman Mustafa Abdul Jalil says Mauritania will be handing Senussi over to them. But when? No one is buying this story about his health, and in any case, Libyan prisons are probably better than poorly-equipped and under-staffed Mauritanian hospitals. Mauritania couldn’t even treat a girl with a gunshot wound after Aziz’ son Badr shot her. Ironically enough from the point of view of the Senussi story, they sent her to Morocco!

Why has the ICC not been in contact with Mauritania? Because none of the major European players want to risk him spilling the beans about their shady deals with Libya under Gadaffi. A friend in Sudan said to me recently, ‘the ICC is a white man’s court for “criminals” from third world countries’. It has barely any credibility even in countries for which it can be bothered to issue warrants.

Bye the way, the crack in the headline about sharp suits is directed towards Mr Jalil, pictured with Mr Moreno-Ocampo sporting some rather ostentatious Saville Row threads. Marvellous how many different ways those unfrozen assets can help a chap out.


Libya Herald


2 thoughts on “Sharp suits and dodgy politics. #Libya #ICC & #Mauritania

  1. #ICC 21 Mar request to #Mauritania tw: negates this post on #Libya’s Senussi. Whether the blunder is down to Libya Herald or Ocampo, I don’t really care. What matters is that facts are reported as facts, and errors are rectified whenever possible.

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