Who is Enabling Atrocities in #Syria?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/IdEN0Y9fYic]

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Rosoboronexport–this state-run Russian arms dealer has shipped $1 billion worth of weapons to the Assad regime, which has slaughtered more than 9,000 Syrians since March 2011. And the death toll is mounting.

While the United States has to its credit imposed sanctions on the Assad regime, it continues to do business with Rosoboronexport—subsidizing the mass atrocities unfolding in Syria. This is happening even though the U.S. government could purchase the same equipment through other companies.

In the face of Syria’s bloody crackdown, Rosoboronexport recently described its business with the Assad regime as “active and dynamic,” solidifying its role as one of Assad’s most significant enablers of mass atrocities.

President Obama says that preventing and halting mass atrocities is both a core national and moral interest of the United States. Now the United States government should make sure its actions match its rhetoric: it should cancel its contract with Rosoboronexport.



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