10 May 2012 Date with Destiny in #Mauritania?


Aziz is planning yet another state bribery tour. So irritating to see him traversing the country, spreading his “all is well” message, making the same empty promises he made in 2009, and it’s not even a presidential election year. It should be an election year – for the judiciary, the parliament and the municipalities. But no one has yet thought to ask him about that while he’s touring. Probably because they know the answer will be some waffle about needing to delay elections in order to ensure the greatest transparency. The longer elections are delayed, the more transparent is Aziz’ deliberate intention to prevent them.

We have the date for his visit to the Eastern Basin well in advance – 10 May. Is it too much to hope that all these splintered factions of opposition groups and movements will get their act together and unite for this one? Source [Ar]


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