Six freedom fighters from #Tunisia killed in #Syria


One of the Tunisians from Ben Guerdane, Boulbaba Bouklach who died in Syria

As residents of the southeastern Tunisian town of Ben Guerdane were absorbing the news that three locals had been killed in Syria, fresh reports arrived of the deaths of another three men.  The young Tunisian men joined the ranks of Syrian opposition fighters in their uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reported Tunisian daily Assabah. The Tunisians died during recent clashes with al-Assad’s forces.

The first three victims were Bolababh Boklech, Walid Hilal, and Mohamed el-Jeri.They all traveled to Syria to join forces with the Free Syrian Army, which opposes the al-Assad regime, and were accompanied by two other Tunisians – one of whom never made it into Syria. The next three victims are Hadi el-Khaderai, Ziad Lafaie, and Hussein Mehrsa.

Middle East Panorama, a Lebanese news website, reported that four Tunisians had infiltrated Syria via Turkey, close to the border area of Bidama in Idlib, which has been a bastion of opposition against the al-Assad government since March 2011.

The fourth Tunisian was able to escape the battle zone between the Free Syrian Army and al-Assad’s forces and subsequently returned to Turkey. The families of the victims wrote a letter to the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asking for the bodies of their sons to be repatriated.

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One thought on “Six freedom fighters from #Tunisia killed in #Syria

  1. Thinking about those 6 young men from #Tunisia killed in #Syria. No one has asked about the circumstances that caused these young men to join the rebels in Syria.

    Ben Guerdane in Tunisia is near the border with Libya, and the site of the massive Ras Jedir refugee camp set up to house hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from the fighting.

    Before the revolt in Libya, the Sakaa market in the centre of Tripoli was always full of Tunisian “bag traders”, the expression used to describe small vendors who carry their goods in leather bags and then offer them for sale in Tunisia’s street markets. Ben Guerdane’s was the biggest for Libyan merchandise. The local economy was devastated by the Libyan uprising.

    As the song goes, ‘when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose’

    tw: 25Apr2012

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