Global Freedom Movement

Hundreds of protesters rallied and marched at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in D.C. today to bring attention to police and judicial corruption and demand the release of journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal.

On the day of Abu-Jamal’s birth, activists gathered in the Nation’s Capitol, and around the world, to support the imprisoned former Black Panther. In 1981, police arrested Abu-Jamal for the killing of Philadelphia Police officer Daniel Faulkner. A conviction and death sentence followed.

Some facts of his case are not in dispute. Abu-Jamal was driving a taxicab for extra money the night of the incident. He came across officer Faulkner who had stopped his younger brother.  Abu-Jamal got out of his vehicle and approached Faulkner. The two exchanged gunfire.

Both Faulkner and Abu-Jamal were shot. Faulkner died.

What seems to be in dispute is whether a second gunman actually killed Faulkner. Some eyewitnesses claimed to have seen…

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