#Lebanon Seizes Arms for #Syria Rebels from #Libya via #Egypt


Lutfallah II

In Lebanon, military prosecutor Saqr Saqr said the army confiscated three containers filled with weapons destined for Syrian rebels, according to classified information obtained from sources within Lebanon’s security forces. The arms were discovered on board the “Lutfallah II”, the Sierra Leone-flagged ship intercepted two nights ago by teams from the Beirut Navy off the Lebanon’s northern coast. Saqr said an investigation was under way, adding that the 11 crew members were being questioned by Lebanese military intelligence.

The ship is said to have been carrying machine-guns, rocket and grenade launchers, shells, missiles and explosives. After initially docking at the port of Selaata, around 50 kilometres north of Beirut, the Lutfallah II raised anchor again this morning and, with a huge escort, headed for an undisclosed destination.

The ship had set sail from Libya and after a stopover in Alexandria, and was heading for the southern Lebanese port of Tyre, where it had been authorised to dock.

The weapons cargo has been taken to Beirut on board three lorries, escorted by armoured off-road army vehicles and a helicopter. Bashar Al Assad’s regime has complained on several occasions that neighbouring Lebanon, whose government is favourable to Assad, is used as a corridor for weapons bound for rebels in Syria.


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