Late Breaking News from #Mauritania 2 May Protest: Youth Stabbed


Reports were posted late Thursday night with this photograph of a youth who was attacked by unknown assailants at the beginning of the mass protest march in Nouakchott, Mauritania, on Wednesday afternoon.

There was an earlier report late Wednesday of a youth in the hospital with internal bleeding. It is not known if these are separate cases from different incidents. The identities of the injured youth have not been published.

On 24 May 2011, members of the February 25 Movement apprehended and disarmed a number of knife-carrying interlopers and confiscated their weapons after police failed to act. They also observed a member of the police detective squad dressed in plain clothes who was interacting with the thugs. Later in the year a man was disarmed after brandishing a handgun at a protest.

Activists are increasingly concerned by the threat of violence and the probability of escalation. Not only do they have to contend with indiscriminate attacks by security forces, raids on protests, sit-ins and university campuses, there are known villains stalking them at every opportunity. At least one youth activist has received death threats in recent weeks. Despite these ongoing challenges, they remain committed to non-violent resistance.

Youth stabbed by unknown assailants at the start of 2 May 2012 protest march

Knives confiscated by M25Fev activists at 24 May 2011 protest

Plain clothed police detective observed organizing thugs at 24 May 2011 protest


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