Show of support for jailed anti-slavery campaigner in #Mauritania


UPDATE: 6 May 2012: Protesters gathered outside the Ministry of Justice this morning to demand the released of Biram Ould Abeid

UPDATE: 5 May 2012 IRA campaign has released a video appealing for the release of Biram

Supporters of civil rights activist Biram Ould Abeid turned out on Friday 4 May 2012 to show their support and demand his freedom. Biram is the president of the anti-slavery campaign group IRA. He has been detained on charges of agitating public opinion against Islam for his televised burning last Friday of several books of jurisprudence because they included mention of slavery. He and several companions were arrested in a violent raid on his home on the evening of Saturday 28 April 2012 by police using tear gas.

Campaigning for his freedom is the expected and admirable thing to do, but my personal feeling is that Biram could be in danger if he is released, despite the fact that he already employs several bodyguards, because of receiving previous death threats.



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