Make a choice, a good one, that you can live with.

Her Eyes Only

Last time I was arrested I was charged with assaulting a cop. I  did not do such a thing. A cop was violently slamming a protester towards a car that was parking by. I hung myself on his hand , the hand that was hitting the Palestinian protester. I did not spit, kicked, slapped the cop. If the documentation of that event does not flatter me, It’s ok. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the knowledge that a person endured violence in front of my eyes & I did nothing to stop it. I am not physically strong, but I hate, as everyone else do, to feel helpless. Sadly, living in occupied Palestine provides me a lot of opportunities to witness aggression.

Other than that, I think time has come to endorse civil disobedience based on one’s individual capability. The government we have now might have earned the title of most racist…

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