Nothing is sacred. Amnesty International UK website hacked


Not-AI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thrill of seeing Amnesty introduce easy online petitioning has evaporated after reading this WebSense Security Labs report:

Between May 8 and 9, 2012, the Websense® ThreatSeeker® Network detected that the Amnesty International United Kingdom website was compromised. The website was apparently injected with malicious code for these 2 days. During that time, website users risked having sensitive data stolen and perhaps infecting other users in their network. However, the website owners rectified this issue after we advised them about the injection. In early 2009, we discovered this same site was compromised, and in 2010, we reported another injection of an Amnesty International website, this time the Hong Kong site.

read the full report on WebSense- Security Labs.


3 thoughts on “Nothing is sacred. Amnesty International UK website hacked

  1. It only takes one person alone, or as part of a group or national ideology, to work something like this. No, sadly, in this day and age nothing is ‘sacred’. Amnesty is fighting people at the opposite end of the spectrum – those to whom life on this blue planet means something very different. Has anyone got an online checker for the shit that might have been done to my machine? I was on there those days.

  2. WebSense says customers using their ACE product are protected from the Amnesty website hack. It might be wise to look for and remove SogouPinyinUp.exe before doing a thorough disk clean. tw:

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