News from Iran – Week 20 – 2012


News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Javad Alikhani transferred to Modarres hospital for kidney stones problems.
  • Chair of Participation Front Mohsen Mirdamadi was transferred to hospital from Evin on Sunday.
  • Narges Mohammadi transferred to Evin clinic and then to Zanjan prison.
  • Sarir Sadeghi transferred from Pelak 100 to Shiraz prison.
  • Riaz Sobhani transferred from Rejaei Shahr handcuffed and shackled to a hospital in Tehran

B- Arrests/Incarcerations


  • Zahed Banafeshi arrested on May 1st in Sanandaj, released on bail from Intelligence detention center.
  • Babol University student activist Moein Ghamin has been released after 23 days in detention.
  • Shirkoo Kordi arrested on May 1st in Sanandaj, released on bail from Intelligence detention center.
  • Mohammad Latifi arrested on May 1st in Sanandaj, released on bail from Intelligence detention center.
  • Human Rights activist member of One Million Signatures Campaign and a member of the Cultural and Social Association of Women of Azarmehr in Kurdistan, Ronak Safarzadeh, an Iranian Kurd, released after 55 months
  • Hamid Tarimoradi arrested on May 1st in Sanandaj, released on bail from Intelligence detention center.
  • Iran Freedom Movement member Mohammad Tavasoli has been released on furlough.
  • After more than 2 years in prison, student activist Sina Zahiri was released from Rejaei Shahr prison.

D-Other News

  • Silent demonstration for saying condolence to ...

    Moussavi & Rahnavard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Activist Peyman Aref has been summoned to court once again.

  • Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, under house arrest, met with his family.
  • Iran opposition leader Mir-Hossein Moussavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard, under house arrest, met with Rahnavard’s mother.
  • Imprisoned writer, democratic theorist Massoud Pedram on hunger strike.
  • Iran demolishes houses of activists in Ahwaz.
  • Relocating Evin prison is postponed for lack funds for prisons.
  • Isfahan prisons hold 3 times the number of prisoners for standard capacity of the prisons.
  • Imprisoned labour activists on hunger strike in Tabriz prison.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Sahar Beiram Abadi, Baha’i, sentenced to 2 years in prison + 1 year suspended.
  • Scientist Dr. Omid Kokabi is sentenced to 10 years for refusing to cooperate with IRGC.
  • Saman Ostevar, Baha’i, director of a pre-school in Bam, sentenced to 2 years in prison + 1 year suspended.
  • Mehdi Ramezani, father of Ramin, killed during Iran Election protests, sentenced to 3 years in prison.
  • Sirvan Saberi, Kurdish political activist, sentenced to 3 years in prison; he is in Sanandaj prison.
  • Nahale Shahidi Baha’i, sentenced to 2 years in prison + 1 year suspended.
  • 13 people were tried and convicted of espionage for Israel.
  • Majid Jamali Fashi who pleaded guilty for the murder of nuclear scientist Massoud Ali-Mohammadi will be executed on Tuesday May 15.
  • One execution in Zanjan on Wednesday.
  • One woman and 6 men hanged in Kermanshah, 3 men in Ardebil, and 16 persons in Yazd prison on Thursday, a total of 26 people in one day, of which 5 women and 5 Afghans.
  • 4 fingers of a convicted thief were amputated in Mashhad prison.

University  – Culture

  • The manager of Tehran book fair reported that 120 different books were collected from the fair for what he called a “violation of the fair’s regulations.”
  • 397 satellite receivers collected in Arak last week.
  • Wave of university professors forced to retire.
  • Khamenei’s fatwa (religious ruling) on the illegality of using anti-filtering was blocked.
  • Political Prisoner Mohsen Mirdamadi secretary general of Participation Front expelled from Tehran University.
  • Parviz Shahriari, major figure in Iranian education -jailed under both Shah and Islamic Republic, dies at 85.
  • Book documenting life of Supreme Leader Khamenei banned.


  • Last week a group of students from Marivan Azad University gathered in front of the governor’s office in protest to what they call “life dangers.”
  • Sugar cane and food industry workers in Shushtar gathered to protest low wages and a lack of transparent contracts.
  • Protests in Sistan-Baluchistan turn deadly.
  • Battle between armed forces and workers at the Art College in Karaj University.

Economy in Iran

  • Eram textile factory in Tehran which employed more than 200 workers has reduced the number of workers to 180.
  • 200 workers lost their jobs after “Nab” vegetable oil was closed.
  • USD 1 = 1593 tomans.
  • Iran, unable to sell oil, stores it on tankers.
  • US dollar jumps 7% (from 1580 tomans to 1695 tomans) overnight.
  • Statistics Center: Unemployment fell 1.2% to 12.3% in Iranian year ending March 19, 2012.
  • Sharp rise in Tehran rents.
  • Iran subsidy handouts to increase from 45,500 tomans ($27) to 73,000 tomans ($43) per person per month.
  • Iran to raise petrol prices to 700 -1200 tomans per liter with second phase of subsidy reform.
  • 325 fertilizer plants shut down in Iran / 15,000 workers laid off.
  • Two factories in Zanjan have laid off 140 workers, after not paying their salaries for five months.
  • Oil exports reportedly show 90 % fall in two weeks – sanctions held responsible.

Iran  abroad

  • Iran turns off tracking systems on tankers.
  • Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs departs for South Africa and Namibia.
  • Iran still shipping arms to Syria, UN report finds.
  • Islamic Republic of Iran threatens Google with lawsuit if they use a name other than “Persian Gulf”.
  • Japan bank freezes Iran accounts after court order.
  • Arab hackers launch cyber-attack against Iranian Oil Company.
  • Sri Lanka announces reduced purchases of Iranian oil.
  • Communications jamming, monitoring, and surveillance equipment, target for new sanctions on Iran.
  • Iran to host the 12th international mathematics conference on September 2-5.
  • Two Iranian pilgrims abducted in Syria were released and handed over to Turkish officials on the Turkey-Syria border.

Politics in Iran

  • Head of Iran’s Assembly of Experts: it is acceptable to issue a warning to the Supreme Leader.
  • Battle for the next Majlis speaker’s post: Haddad Adel vs. Larijani.
  • Rafsanjani: Iranian government must allow criticism of Iran’s Expediency Council leader; people must be allowed to make constructive criticism of the government
  • Iranian Azeris set up national council in Turkey, aspire for independence.
  • Majlis approves increase in subsidies in second stage of the Subsidy Reform Plan.
  • Iran’s parliament approves $462 billion budget.


  • EU force frees Iranian dhow from Somali pirates.
  • Remains of 57 Iranian soldiers killed during the war in the 1980s found in Faw peninsula in Iraq.
  • Health Ministry is concerned: Increasing alcohol consumption, alcoholism in Iran.
  • Air pollution alert issued in Tehran.
  • Another retired Sepah Commander dies of heart attack.

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