Rare citizen journalist video of riot in #China


Tens of thousands took to the streets of Xianjiang in protest on Monday 28 May, 2012, after the death of a young man on May 12. Immigrant worker, Hunan Zhijiang Ji Yang Wenzhou, aged 19, was attacked with an iron bar during a dispute with his boss over pay. The serious injuries sustained during the attack proved fatal and on May 27, he died. On the morning of May 28, hundreds of family members and fellow workers descended on Xianjiang town hall to demand the government intervene. Officials sided with the factory, leading to intense anger among those who had gathered. As the news spread, tens of thousands of people besieged the town hall, and began to throw stones, bricks and bottles. Cars were smashed and overturned, and the situation swiftly developed into a full-blown riot. Authorities deployed a large number of armed police in Xianjiang, and the situation is said to be still evolving. Activists have managed to distribute videos of the riot despite the severe restrictions and overall atmosphere of censorship.


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