News from Iran – Week 22 – 2012


News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Ebrahim Babaei transferred to hospital.
  • Imprisoned opposition cleric Ayatollah Kazemini Boroujerdi hospitalized.
  • Participation Front member Mehdi Eghbal has been released on medical furlough.
  • Political prisoner Mohamadreza Motamednia was taken to Modarres hospital and returned to Evin after treatment.
  • Reza Sharifi Bokani transferred to solitary confinement in Rajaei Shahr Prison.
  • Illegal transfer of Sharokh Zamani, Workers’ rights activist, to Yazd prison

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Baha’i Atefeh Anvari was arrested in Isfahan.
  • Journalist Farshad Aswad arrested on his way out of the country.
  • Mohammad Ilkhanizadeh Tehran University student sentenced to 3 months prison and 74 lashes.
  • Zeynab Jafarzadeh, a student at the Teachers Seminar in Tehran, was arrested in the student dormitory and transferred to Evin Prison.
  • Baha’i Mahnaz Jan-Tasar was arrested in a raid of her home in Bandar Abbas.
  • Extension of medical furlough denied for Mahboubeh Karami, she is back to Evin.
  • Zahra Khodabakhsh, daughter of Shargh newspaper investor, detained.
  • Basimeh Kamjoo, teacher,  arrested in Fasham.
  • Mojtaba Karimi, Mohammad Moradi, and Erfan Mohammad arrested in Esfahan for distributing Kebrit, a forbidden student newspaper.
  • Journalist Sam Mahmoudi recalled to prison.
  • Manizheh Najm Araghi, writer, translator and secretary of the Writers Association, arrested.
  • Baha’i Zhinous Nourani begins serving her one year sentence in Semnan.
  • Baha’i Rofia Bidaghi begins serving her one year sentence in Semnan
  • Mohammad Rezaei, member of National-Religious party entered prison to serve his sentence.
  • Sadaf Sabetian Baha’i, arrested and sent to Evin to serve her 2 years sentence.
  • Behnam Sheikhi arrested again and sent to Intelligence detention center in Tabriz.
  • Number of Christian citizens, affiliated to “Church of Iran”, arrested in Karaj.


  • Mohammad Ahadi released on bail from Tabriz prison after 4 months + 6 days.
  • Gholamhossein Azari Najababadi was released after completing his one year sentence; he was arrested during 25 Bahman (2/14/2011) protest for carrying a green flag.
  • Mehdi Forouzandeh Pour head of Mousavi office released from prison today at the end of his sentence.
  • Mehrdad Karami was released from Tabriz prison after 5 months incarceration
  • Vahid Lalipour, Mahdieh Golroo’s spouse, freed at the end of his sentence.
  • Atefeh Nabavi released from prison
  • Banned from education, Baha’i Sama Nourani was released after completing her 1 year sentence.
  • Ebrahim Rashidi was released on bail from Tabriz prison after 4 months incarceration
  • Banned from education student activist Kaveh Rezaei Shiraz has been released on furlough.
  • Rouzbeh Saadati released on bail from Tabriz prison after 4 months + 6 days.
  • Davoud Soleimani, member of Participation Front central council, freed from prison at the end of his sentence.

D-Other News

  • Arash Sadeghi began a hunger strike to support fellow-prisoner Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki.
  • Tuesday afternoon, Evin Ward 350 was raided by security forces. Political prisoners protested by chants of Ya Hossein Mir Hossein.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Sonia Ahmadi, Baha’i, sentenced by appeals to 5 years in jail.
  • Omid Firouzian, Baha’i; has been sentenced to 4 years + 6 months by lower court in Semnan.
  • Nourah Nabilzadeh Baha’i, sentenced by appeals to 5 years in jail.
  • Baha’i Pouya Tabianian has been sentenced to 6 years + 6 months by a court in Semnan.
  • Sina Zahiri sentenced to two years in prison.
  • One execution in Evin on Wednesday morning.
  • Eight people executed in Urmia prison on Thursday.

University – Culture

  • Shahre Ketab (Book City) in Boustan shopping center has been shut down.
  • Rudehen University has now been sexually segregated.
  • Turkish poetry night ceremony by Azeri students at Tehran University, cancelled.
  • Journalism scrapped from top university.
  • Foad Shams has been banned from continuing his university education.
  • Jackson Pollock painting back in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts after a row with Iran’s customs service over unpaid debt was resolved.
  • Student activist Reza Arab suspended from Mazandaran University.
  • Mehdi Jamalvand suspended from Hamedan University.
  • 40 students summoned by Beheshti University Disciplinary Committee.
  • Babak Maghazei becomes a starred student*.
  • Jabar Dastbaz suspended from Saghez university.
  • House of Cinema permanently shut down.

* “starred students” are discriminated against and prevented from continuing their education


  • Kiosk venders in Tabriz have had a protest gathering in front of the city hall protesting the actions of the Urban Squares Organization.
  • Students at Tabriz University protest the Internet cuts/interruption to services.
  • In reported clashes in Ilam, 5 military officers are siad to have been killed and 10’s of protesters arrested.

Economy in Iran

  • $1 = 1780 tomans on Saturday, 1732 tomans on Monday.
  • Abhar Steel Factory has been closed.
  • Workers of Iran Barak have not been paid for 7 months.
  • Workers of Parris factory in Sanandaj have not been paid for a year.
  • Iran cancels $2 billion dam contract with China.
  • 80 tires factory workers laid off.

Iran  abroad

  • British Foreign Secretary W. Hague condemns violence against Ahwazi Arab Protesters.
  • IRGC Commander: Iran’s Qods force has significant presence in Syria.
  • Iran targeted by ‘Flame’ espionage virus ‘The virus could only have been created by a state’.
  • Vice president Mohammad Reza Rahimi visits Kenya.
  • 10 Iranians have been executed in Saudi Arabia. Iran summoned the Saudi ambassador to hand a note of complaint.
  • At the end of the 9th Conference for Economic Cooperation between Iran and Tajikistan in Tehran, five Memorandums of Understanding were signed.

Politics in Iran

  • ‘Bakhtiar’ dam is given to IRGC’s Khatem-Al-Anbia. [See also cancelled China project above]
  • Ali Larijani elected president of the parliament.
  • Security forces shut down the international agriculture and food exhibition in Tehran as some booth owners were in violation of Islamic dress code.
  • Iranian police restrict sale of neckties.


  • Iran, number one in opium usage in the world.
  • 62% of Iranian Olympiad winners immigrate.
  • Dust clouds appears again over Tehran.
  • Research found 5.4% of child labourers and streets kids in Iran have AIDS.
  • Launch of temporary marriage centers in Tehran.
  • Trojan targets Iranian and Syrian dissidents via proxy tool.
  • 25% of Iran’s population suffers from Psychiatric problems.

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