News from Iran – Week 24 – 2012

Abdolfatah Soltani

News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

  • Javad Alikhani, Farshad Ghorbanpour, Saeed Jalalifar, Saeed Matinpour and Arash Saghar  transferred to solitary in ward 209.
  • Bahman Amouei transferred to solitary in ward 209 and then to Rejaei Shahr prison.Abdolrahman, Jamshid, Mansour and Taha Heydari, Ahvazi political prisoners sentenced to death, moved from Karoon river to an unknown location
  • Amir Moavi, Ahvazi political prisoner sentenced to death, moved from Karoon river to an unknown location.
  • Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani, ,dervish Gonabadi, hospitalized in Taleghani hospital.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Baha’i Adel Fanaeian arrested and taken to Semnan prison to start serving his 6 years sentence.
  • Student activist Siavash Hatam started serving his 1 year + 4months sentence in Evin prison.
  • Baha’i Faran Khan Yaghma was arrested in a violent raid of his home in Sari.
  • Former student activist Mostafa Nazari arrested in a raid of his home in Shiraz.
  • Jamal Zahedi, member of Moktab e Ghoran arrested in Sanandaj.
  • Amin Zargarnezhad, leftist activist, arrested in Tabriz.
  • Documentary film maker Mohammad Nourizad detained for 12 hours.


  • Shirollah Dargahi, grandfather of imprisoned student activist Arash Sadeghi has been released on bail.
  • Nima Dehghan released on bail in Shiraz.
  • Afshin Ehsanian, Baha’i, freed at the end of his 10 months sentence.
  • Farid Emadi released on bail in Shiraz.
  • Nasrin Ghadiri, Baha’i, freed at the end of her 2 years sentence.
  • Keyvan Karami, Baha’i, freed at the end of his 10 months sentence.
  • Farham (Hadi) Masoumi, Baha’i, freed at the end of his 10 months sentence.
  • Kaviz Noozdahi Baha’i, freed at the end of his 2 years sentence.
  • Sima Rajabian, Baha’i, freed at the end of her 2 years sentence.
  • Sarir Sadeghi released on bail in Shiraz.
  • Afsaneh Toghir, student of Tabriz University, was released.
  • Hooman Zarei released on bail in Shiraz.

Abdolfatah Soltani

Abdolfatah Soltani

D-Other News

  • Mostafa Daneshjou, Reza Entesari ,  Amir Eslami, Afshin Karampour, Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani andFarshid Yadollahi on hunger strike in Evin 350.
  • Imprisoned journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian begins ‘indefinite fast’ to protest house arrest of green leaders.
  • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki ended hunger strike
  • 50 guards stormed ward 350 while prisoners were holding memorial service for Hoda Saber.
  • Imprisoned Human Rights attorney Abdolfatah Soltani refuses to be transferred to hospital handcuffed.
  • Ten of political prisoners in ward 350 Evin refused to see visitors as a show of solidarity.

News of injustice in Iran

  • Naser Abdi, Mehrdad Aghapour, Saber Ahmadi, Satar Ahmadi-Far, Mohsen Ali-Shahi, Nader Ameri-Saharghi, Mohammad Asadi, Pedram Asgari Davadgar, Tohid Aslani, Peyman Atash-Bonab, Javad Ayouzi, Alireza Azheri, Abolfazl Bakhshpour, Vahid Barzegari, Reza Bordbar-Jamalabadi, Mohammad Chenari, Hamed Daneshpour-Zendabadi, Behjat Faramarzi, Hamid Ghasemi, Ramin Gholipour, Kioumarz Ghorbani-Niknam, Mahiar Ghorbani, Alireza Hosseinzadeh, Saman Jahanpour, Ali Jebrailzadeh, Hossein Moghtader Ehsani, Ali-Asgar Mokhtarpour, Seyyed Morteza Mousavi, Hamed Niknampour-Aliloo, Masoud Peidaei, Jafar Pouryaeeghi, Ali Rafepour Ayouzi, Mojtaba Sabagh-Atefi, Reza Shiri, Faraj Taghiloo, Nouroldin Zarivar,Mohammad Esmaili, protesters against Lake Urmiah drying up, sentenced to 6 months in prison + 30 lashes.
  • Reza Abri, Azeri activist, sentenced by Appeals to 1 year.
  • Author, translator and Women’s rights activist Noushin Ahmadi has been sentenced to 1 year suspended for 5 years.
  • Rasool Amini, Kurdish activist from Sardasht has been condemned to 5 years imprisonment and exile to Kerman prison.
  • Vahed Doosti, Kurdish political activist, sentenced to 1 year in prison and sent to Sanandaj prison to serve his term.
  • Ebrahim Farajzadeh, Azeri activist, sentenced by Appeals to 6 months.
  • Court of Appeals has sentenced Sajedeh Kianoush Rad to 1 year suspended for 5 years.
  • Court of Appeals has upheld 10 years sentence of political prisoner Sedigheh Moradi on charges of affiliation with MKO.
  • Student activist Omid Rezaei has been sentenced to 2 years on charges of insulting the Leader and anti-regime propaganda
  • Rahman Sobhani, Kurdish political activist, sentenced to 6 months in prison and sent to Sanandaj prison to serve his term.
  • Ali-Hossein Tahmtan, Azeri activist, sentenced by Appeals to 6 months.
  • Two people hanged in Zahedan on Saturday.
  • Two public hangings on Monday in Bushehr.
  • One person hanged in Isfahan prison on Wednesday.

University – Culture

  • Tehran cinema shut for selling women Euro 2012 tickets.
  • Iranian actress arrested for not observing the Hejab rules.
  • Maziar Falahi’s concert was cancelled after police stormed the venue and arrested women for improper Hejab
  • Purge of Azad university directors: 42 replaced.
  • Tehran police chief: Over 4.5 million copies of immoral and illegal videos and computer games seized.
  • Intelligence and security stopped funeral of Iranian musician Hassan Kasaei.


  • 400 workers from Jian Company threatened to start a strike as they have not been paid for four months.
  • Hundreds of workers from the Parsian Company started a strike to protest not being paid for three months.
  • Fifty workers of green space in Ahwaz started a strike as a result of not having been paid for three months.
  • More than 120 workers of Keyvan Factory in Hamedan gathered in front of the factory to protest three months of delayed payment.

Economy in Iran

  • Iran plans to become hub for power transit to Europe.
  • The price of bread went up by 25%.
  • Iran Central Bank announces an official inflation rate of 22.2% for the month of May.
  • Last 3 monthly inflation rates in Iran per Central Bank: Esfand 21.5% – Farvardin 21.8% – Ordibehesht 22%.
  • 30% unemployment amongst 17-30 year old’s.
  • $1 = 1820 tomans on Saturday, 1825 on Sunday, euro at 2300 tomans.
  • Bread prices up 600% since December 2010.
  • 7 countries cleared from US sanctions (apart from 11 others), India, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
  • Thirty workers of the Metal Industry Company have not been paid for three months.
  • Iran and Malaysia increase trade exchange.

Iran  abroad

  • Ahmadinejad meets with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Afghanistan’s Karzai in Shanghai.
  • Foreign ministry official goes to Cuba.
  • Tehran summons Saudi envoy over executed Iranians.
  • Russian FM Lavrov arrives in Iran
  • European Parliament condemns Iran’s violation of minorities’ rights.

Politics in Iran

  • Mohsen Rezaie to run for Iran presidency again.
  • Trade union representatives banned from talking to media about rise in prices.
  • Qom Marja complain about inflation.
  • Janatabad church in Tehran closed by authorities.


  • Mysterious explosion on Pasdar Street in city of Ilam.

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