Unbalanced: World Bank #Mauritania Profile


The World Bank has enjoyed a long relationship with Mauritania. It must be aware then, that French is far more widely used there than English. Unfortunately, the French language version of the World Bank country Profile on Mauritania has not been updated since April 2010. this is most unfortunate, as there is a marked change in the level of indebtedness that I am sure groups such as the newly-minted “Dégagistes” would find fascinating:

Here is the graph from the “strategy” tab of the English version:

This was updated in October 2011, just in time to avoid any unpleasant ramifications of having to admit to dealing with an illegal regime whose electoral mandate expired the following month.

And here is the graph from same section of the outdated French version:

Permettez moi:

Le portefeuille de la Banque mondiale en Mauritanie comprend 17 projets pour un montant global d’environ 385,3 millions de dollars
En Avril 2011, le portefeuille de la Banque mondiale comprenait 11 projets de pays, dont trois régionaux, un FEM et deux nouvelles opérations, ce qui représente une total de US $ 357,7 millions. Ce montant inclut US $ 66,88 millions pour les projets régionaux et 116 M $ US non décaissés.

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