News from Iran – Week 28 – 2012


News of the Prisoners

A- Transfers

Bahman Ahmadi Amouie

Journalist Bahman Ahmadi Amouee has been transferred from solitary to political prisoner’s ward in Rejaei Shahr prison.
Kobra Banazadeh-Amirkhizi transferred to Gharchak prison in Varamin.
Imprisoned Human Rights activist Narges Mohammadi was hospitalized in Vali Asr hospital in Zanjan, in dire health, banned from visit.
Sedigheh Moradi transferred to Gharchak prison in Varamin.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

Meiad and Misagh Afshar, Baha’i students arrested.
Naseem Ashrafi, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against his home.
Ali Basharat, chemistry teacher, arrested in Sarab.
Vahid-Habib Chesmeh, Azeri civic activist, arrested and sent to Intel in Tabriz.
Shahab Dehghani, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against his home.
Political activist Asal Esmaeilzadeh has been summoned to start serving her 4 months prison sentence.
Sarhang Etehadi, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against his home.
Elham Faramani, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against her home.
Masoud Hosseinzadeh, Azeri civic activist, arrested and sent to Intel in Tabriz.
Sahand Mahali arrested in Sarab.
Former student activist Hashem Mirzadeh has been arrested in Tabriz, family under pressure not to publicize info.
Adel Naeemi, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against his home.
Nasour Naghipour jounalist and Human Rights activist, begins serving his 7 year sentence in Evin 350.
Zhinoos Rahimi, Baha’i, arrested during a raid against her home.
Ali Samadpour arrested in Sarab.
Mohammad Soleimani-Nia arrested after summons to Evin.
Khashiar and Shayan Tafazoli, Baha’is, arrested during a raid against their home.


Hamid Arayesh, dervish Gonabadi, released on bail.
Advar member (Alumni Society) Hassan Asadi Zeidabadi has been released on furlough.
Christian convert Ehsan Behrooz has been released after 8 months detention (105 days in solitary) in Mashhad.
Kazem Dehghan, Gonabadi dervish, released on bail.
Former Deputy Minister of Telecommunications Maasom Fardis has been released on furlough.
Cleric blogger Arash Honarvar has been released on medical furlough.
Alameh University student activist Saeed Jafari has been released on bail.
Karaj Azad University student/blogger Vahid Jafari has been released on bail.
Political prisoner Mohammad Ali Velayati has been released on bail on furlough.

D-Other News

Political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi has launched a hunger strike protesting his incarceration in 209 solitary.
With the Judiciary officials promising to meet Arash Honarvar’s demands, he has ended his hunger strike
Reports suggest Iran opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi wasn’t allowed to take part in his sister’s funeral who died last week.
Reza Sharifi Bokani denied visitation rights with his family.
Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan and their daughter Mehraveh, 12, have been banned from leaving Iran.

News of injustice in Iran
Esmail Abayat, Ahvazi activist sentenced to 5 years.
Jaber and Mokhtar Al-Booshakeh, Ahvazi activists sentenced to death.
Mohammad-Ali Ammori, Ahvazi activist sentenced to death.
Abdul Rahman Asakereh, Ahvazi activist sentenced to 20 years in jail.
Poet Mostafa Badkoobei sentenced to 3 years in prison, 5 years ban from public appearance and fine.
Court of Appeals has upheld the 75 lashes, 6 months suspended sentence, and fines for Pan-Iranist member Omid Dehdarzadeh.
Mostafa Moin former Minister of Science, Research and Technology sentence to a year in prison converted to a fine.
MP Motahari has been indicted on charges of insulting Ahmadinejad’s administration in a speech he gave in Parliament.
Hadi Rashedi, Ahvazi activist sentenced to death.
Gonabadi Dervishes member Alireza Roshan has been sentenced to 1 year in prison + 4 years suspended sentence.
Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyyed Javadi, 95 years old, Minister of Justice in Bazargan government, banned from leaving Iran.
Hashem Sha’bani, Ahvazi activist sentenced to death.
One execution in Baft on Sunday.
2 public hangings in Zahedan on Tuesday.
One man hanged in Sanandaj prison on Tuesday.
2 men hanged in Yasooj prison on Thursday.
A woman was hanged in Shiraz on Thursday.
3 hangings in Ghazvin on Thursday.

University – Culture
Student Seyyed Ahmad Hosseini denied graduation, suspended, expelled from the Urmia University.
Leila Hatami: Best Actress Award at the 7th international film festival in Karlovy Vary.
MP Tavakoli’s site Alef news has been filtered.
Manager of a cinema and film website  arrested in Ardebil.
Female students expelled from Tehran University due to failure to comply with Islamic dress code.
Father of Persian theater, Hamid Samandarian, passed away at 81 of liver cancer.
Ali Ghamsari’s concert permit revoked due to presence of female member in the band.

Workers in chicken slaughterhouse of Kermanshah on strike.
700 workers of Sepahan Cement on strike to protest inequality and working conditions in general.
Oil workers clash with the company representatives in Assaluyeh about delayed wages.
Dozens of workers in the Perlite Adia steel factory were fired after protesting the non-payment of their wages.
Shiraz Telecom workers on strike for a week.

Economy in Iran
Spokesman for Majlis Budget and Planning Commission: Iran’s inflation rate is over 33.5%.
85% of workers in Iran under poverty line.
Cost of living doubles in five years.
Iran imported 60 tons of gold from Turkey in exchange for oil and gas sales during 1st 5 months of 2012.

Iran abroad
Iran condemned by USA to pay $183 million to victims of bombing in Lebanon in 1983.
Abbas to visit Iran for international conference.
Iran elected to UN Arms Trade Treaty post.
Kofi Annan in Tehran seeks Iran’s help in solving Syria crisis.
FM confers in Tokyo with German, Japanese counterparts on Afghanistan.
Iran FM meets top officials in surprise UAE visit.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad receives Kyrgyz finance minister.
US Treasury slaps sanctions on 11 more entities connected to IRGC.
100 Iranians to be freed from Iraqi prisons.

Politics in Iran
Iran will create hard work camps for drug traffickers.
Iran plans to sell oil via private group to evade ban.
Guardian Council rules that presidential office body to supervise constitution is illegal.
Former IRGC Commander Ghasemi: Corruption has overtaken military centers in Iran.
Former Minister of Interior Nouri asks for Referendum about nuclear Program.
Conservative news websites have issued a joint statement calling on the judiciary to unblock Alef website.

53 coffee shops have been ordered closed in Tehran due to non-compliance with Islamic rules.
Women who violate dress code to face ten days to two months imprisonment or fine.
A Kurdish teenager was killed on the border by security forces.

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