Meanwhile, Away from the #NAM Summit….


1000 GMT: Inevitably, the headlines on most Iranian sites are about the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran, which began on Sunday with “expert-level” meetings and continues today with the arrival of Foreign Ministers and a welcoming address by the Supreme Leader. There is a featured declaration from the Russian delegate on the summit as a “positive step” to deal with the Syrian crisis, cheerleading for the display of Iranian security for the gathering, and even a guest role for The New York Times because of its article on the meeting as “Iran’s message to the world”.

The problem for the media is that little of substance has come out of the opening sessions, so other stories are slipping into prominence. The top item on State news agency IRNA, for example, is a tacit admission of the continuing economic tensions, even as it carries a reassuring statement from the Ministry of Industry that enough food and other commodities have been provided to take Iran through this week’s five-day holiday for the summit.

The opposition site Rah-e Sabz reports that all but 900 of 5000 employees of a textile company in Ghaemshahr have been dismissed after privatisation, while Fars an interesting fact about the National Gas Company — for its 16,000 employees, the company provides 4000 clerics for religious instruction.

from EA WorldView: EA Iran


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