News from Iran – Week 35 – 2012


Prisoner News

A- Transfers

  • Journalist Isa Saharkhiz transferred from hospital to Evin 209; he started a hunger strike to protest.

B- Arrests/Incarcerations

  • Akbar Amini (who climbed on top of a crane on 14 February 2011 in symbolic protest), summoned and arrested.
  • Amin Chalaki, who led Mousavi’s presidential campaign in Saveh, reported to Evin to begin serving his 4 year sentence.
  • Isa Faridi summoned to begin serving his sentence.
  • Student activist Nasim Soltan-Beigi summoned to Evin to serve her sentence.
  • Hossein Yazdi, arrested in Isfahan for posting news, was released the next day.
  • An underground music group arrested in Tehran.


  • Ali Moslehi, member of Karroubi’s election campaign, was released on bail..

D-Other News

  • Mohammad Nazari is on hunger strike, after sewing his lips together. He was arrested when 22 years old and has already spent 20 years in prison.
  • Mohammad Tavakoli, jailed secretary of teachers’ Union in Kermanshah, was severely beaten by prison guards.
  • More than 15,000 people are confined in overcrowded and sub-standard prisons of Khuzestan province.
  • Some people arrested last week when helping earthquake’s victims have reportedly started a hunger strike to protest the arrests :
    • Navid Khanjani
    • Vahed Kholoosi
    • Milad Panahipour
    • Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

News of injustice in Iran

  • Meysam and Siamak Azadi, who protested the drying of Lake Urmia, each received a suspended sentence of 100 days in prison.
  • Political prisoner Hasan Ashtiani was sentenced to 15 years for Moharebeh. The Judge dismissed his lawyer and replaced him by a court-appointed duty lawyer; the trial lasted only 11 minutes. Hasan was sentenced for selling his sister’s home and sending her the money: the Court claimed she was a member of the outlawed MEK group. Hasan denied the charges, saying if his sister has any involvement with MEK, he was not aware of it.

University – Culture

  • Last week, 1400 satellite antennas were confiscated in Bokan, 29,000 in Bushehr.
  • Iranian women beat the UAE team 4-0 in the Istanbul Chess Olympiad.
  • Green site Kalameh collected over 11,000 signatures from Iranian people for an appeal to UN General Secretary within two days. The unusually high volume of traffic was accompanied by reports that the site was under attack.

Iran Economics

  • Mazandaran Textile, which used to have 7000 workers, now has 700, all waiting 26 months to be paid.
  • Japan did not import any Iranian crude in July, for 1st time since 1981.
  • Two production lines in the largest drug manufacturing company in Iran are idle due to sanctions preventing import of raw material.

Iran  abroad & NAM Summit

  • Iran reportedly withdrew its invitation to Hamas to take part in NAM.
  • 10 people arrested for spying for Iran in Turkish Igdir region. Two of them, Mohammed Reza Esmaılpour and Shahram Zargham are charged with sending information about Syrian opposition.
  • Iran will use 850 security units and 110,000 personnel to ensure “security” during NAM.
  • Citizens in North of Tehran impacted by traffic restrictions because of NAM. Traffic forbidden in several freeways and streets, with reports of compensation payments being offered – and largely rejected. On the first day of meetings, locals reported no change in the number of people or vehicles in Tehran.
  • Police are said to have removed 1,400 beggars from Tehran’s streets before the NAM summit.
  • Ban Ki-moon denies having been contacted by families of assassinated nuclear scientists to request a meeting.
  • Egyptian president Morsi made a speech criticising repression in Syria and Bahrain and calling for support for opposition movements at the NAM summit in Tehran. The Syrian Prime Minister left the room during the speech, and Iranian translator and state-run radio/TV censored Morsi’s words, rendering ‘’revolution’’ as ‘’sedition’’. Morsi left the meeting immediately after he finished speaking, without attending Ahmadinejad’s speech.

Politics in Iran

  • Mehr News reported thousands of burials were organized by Red Crescent after the earthquake in Azerbaijan, indicating that the death toll was many times higher than official figures. The news was widely shared, and then the original article was removed from the Mehr website

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